The MoneySavingIdiot cashed in his coin jars – guess how much he bagged

While I help people save money as part of my job at, I've never been much cop at doing the same for myself. So I'm writing about my efforts to improve in an attempt to motivate others who are far from experts when it comes to MoneySaving. Previously, I've covered train delaysoverseas travelcredit scoresfinding lost cash and switching bank. Today: depositing coins.

'I ran up £1,000s in debt while suffering from depression... now I'm digging myself out of it'

I usually write blogs as the 'MoneySavingIdiot', chronicling my attempts to practise what we preach at MSE (the last one was on switching bank accounts). But as this is a more personal blog, written ahead of World Mental Health Day 2019 on Thursday, I thought it would be better coming from MSE Kelvin. So, here's my tale of my own mental health struggles and how I've battled credit card debt...

Missed out on Glastonbury tickets? Here are four ways you can still go for FREE

Tickets for Glastonbury Festival 2020 went on sale last week and were snapped up within minutes. If you missed out, there are still a number of FREE ways to get to Glasto – though you'll usually have to fork out a deposit upfront (which you'll get back).

It's never too early for a thrifty, gifty Christmas!

As the MSE Forum Manager and semi-resident Old Style expert/fanatic of MSE, I am (in)famous across our office floor for being a human incarnation of a cornucopia of homemade cakes, cordials, preserves and sweets. Even Martin has fallen for the charms of my balsamic pecans, and my appearances in the office on a Monday morning usually gets a few greetings of "hey *cough* any… banana bread?"

13 MoneySaving tips for disabled people

With the news that the blue badge parking permit scheme has now been extended to people with 'hidden disabilities', we wanted to round up some other tips for disabled MoneySavers – from knowing your consumer rights and what adjustments firms should make for you, to how to get a free (or cheap) key to accessible toilets or a 'free' cinema ticket for a friend/carer.

Over and out – now the PPI deadline's passed, we're celebrating our Forumites' reclaim successes

Yes, we're STILL banging on about PPI reclaiming… sorry, not sorry.

Charity shop bargain-hunting tricks

Oxfam's launched its Second Hand September campaign, asking people to pledge to stop buying new clothes for 30 days. (It's not too late – you can start your 30 days from now.) The aim's to reduce the environmental impact of throwaway fashion – the charity says 11 million items of clothing are sent to landfill in the UK each week.

My MoneySaving zero waste morning routine

This week, from Monday 2 to Friday 6 September it's Zero Waste Week. Previously, we've brought you 13 ways to use less plastic and save cash, so at MSE we're always thinking about whether we could in fact save money as well as the planet. First thing on Monday, I tried a completely zero-waste morning, and this is what I came up with.

How I survived my nightmare yoga holiday... then claimed ALL of my money back

I needed a holiday, and every fibre in my body was telling me to go frolic with nature. Trees. Birds. Frogs. Puppies. Anything. I didn't have anyone to go with and nor did I have any clue where to go. So like any millennial, I went to my mum and asked what to do: "Go on a singles holiday", she said. Go alone? And a lone wolf I was. I typed into the web, 'yoga retreat for single people', as I love yoga and my single status (thanks for reminding me mum).

The MoneySavingIdiot switches bank after 20 years – here are five things he learned

It's been a while, but I'm back with more tales of mending my MoneyWasting ways. If you're new to MoneySavingIdiot, here's how it works – as a writer at MoneySavingExpert I help people save money, yet I suck at practising what we preach. So I'm sharing my attempts to change that in the hope of encouraging other non-natural MoneySavers. Previously, I've tackled train delaysoverseas travelcredit scores and reclaiming cash from old emails. This week: switching bank.