Creaky floors, chatty solicitors and chicken tikka – this week's MSE Forum highlights

With important news about benefits, childcare support, energy bills and pensions in the Chancellor's Budget this week, it's been a busy week on the MSE Forum.

Shrubs, shirts & schnapps – this week's MSE Forum highlights

Stop what else you're doing and get a few of the week's MSE Forum highlights in your eyes.

Blue stones, green fingers & purple mould – this week's MSE Forum highlights

Give your scrolling finger a stretch and get amongst this week's MSE Forum highlights.

15 free or cheap kids' book tricks

To mark this year's World Book Day on Thursday 2 March, we've rounded up 15 free and cheap ways to turn your little ones into bookworms. 

Signs, savings & strange smells – this week's MSE Forum highlights

Scoop up a hot bowl of MSE Forum highlights and get comfy.

12 ways to STOP wasting food and drink

Are you always throwing out food that’s gone off? In November it was claimed that new food labelling guidance could save shoppers £1 billion a year by prolonging the lifespan of food and stopping edible items being thrown out. That’s likely to be introduced later this year – but in the meantime we’ve 12 tips to help you stop throwing...

Pansies, PCNs & property auctions – this week's MSE Forum highlights

Back again as sure as the moon cycle, it's your specially-curated weekly MSE Forum highlights round-up.

Checkouts, cheap dates & chicken tikka – this week's MSE Forum highlights

What clever comments and exceptional exclamations have landed in the MSE Forum this week? Let's have an overview of the highlights.

Ask An Expert: Scams

January saw MSE Forum's third Ask An Expert event, this time themed on scams. Our resident scams guru MSE Katie took on MSE Forumites' questions, including how to tell if a crypto platform is legit and what to do to get your money back if you've been scammed.

21 free (or very cheap) ways to sprinkle joy for kids over half term

With February half term upon us, we've rounded up 21 tips to keep the wee ones entertained without a hefty price tag. Whether you're staying indoors or wrapping up to spend time outside, we've activities to make time fly – from glamping in the front room to having a virtual tiger come to tea in your kitchen.