Household Bills

Guides and tools to help you get the best deals on your household bills

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Gas, Electricity & Water

How to cut the cost of your energy bills

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Broadband & TV

How to get the best deal on your broadband and TV package

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Broadband & TV

Mobiles Phones

Ways to save on your mobile phone bill

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Council Tax & Government Grants

Info on council tax reclaims and government grants

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Household Bills 

Cut costs and save £100s/year on all of your household bills. We've top tips and tools to help you ditch pricey plans and stop you being ripped off by your providers. This section, including our free Cheap Energy Club, will help you find and switch to a cheap energy tariff – easily slashing the amount you spend on gas and electricity – and tells you whether you'd save by moving to a water meter.

We explain how easy it is to switch energy suppliers and include our pick of the top deals, whether you're looking for great service, a brand you recognise or green energy. We'll also help ensure you're not overpaying for your broadband, TV and mobile. Whether you're looking to switch to a cheap Sim only or Pay-as-you-go deal, want to find a cheap Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy contract or are looking to understand if it's worth getting a 5G plan, we've got guides to help.


You'll also find tips to haggle a new deal if you'd prefer to stay put, how to avoid eye-watering roaming charges, hacks to cut the cost of Netflix and whether or not you need a TV licence.