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Jenny | Edited by Martin

Updated 14 Aug 2018

Top 10 eBay local tips

Sellers often specify that bulky, heavy items must be picked up in person. Many people are loath to travel far, so lack of competition keeps prices low.

Our Local eBay Deals Mapper exploits this - simply tell it your postcode and how far youíre prepared to schlep, and it trawls eBay* for hidden gems nearby. Use our top 10 tips to keep things safe as well as cheap.

What the * means above

Links that have a * help stay free to use, as they're 'affiliated links' which invisibly take you usually via affiliate linkage or commercial money sites, which then pay this site.

We usually give you duplicate links of the * links above, which donít help, for the sake of transparency. However itís not possible with this tool - to find your item, go to and search for the itemís title.