Credit Cards & Loans

Guides and tools to help you get the best credit card or loan

In this cards and loans section we guide you through the different types of credit cards and loans and the best products available. As there are so many, it's important you find the right one for your needs, whether you want to transfer an existing credit or store card balance you're paying interest on to another card at 0%, borrow at 0% interest, improve your credit rating, earn cashback or reward points for doing your everyday spending, or spend money abroad.

If you're unsure which cards you'll be accepted for, our Credit Card Eligibility Calculator uses a 'soft search' to show you your likelihood of being accepted for most of the best credit cards.

If you're looking for a loan for a planned purchase or to cut your existing loan costs, we also have a range of guides to help inform your decision. Our Cheap personal loans guide details the personal loan best buys, but also addresses whether other finance options – such as credit cards – might be cheaper. You can also use our handy Loans Eligibility Calculator to find which unsecured loans you're most likely to be accepted for – while protecting your credit score.

If you're looking for help handling debt, we also have Debt solutions and Debt help guides packed with important information and debt-fighting solutions.