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MoneySavingExpert Accessibility

MoneySavingExpert Accessibility has been built with accessibility for all as one of its key aims. This is an ongoing process; we have implemented a number of features to make using this site as easy as possible, but there are still more currently in development. Please bear with us for now, we'll make the site even more accessible as soon as we can.

What features do we have?

There are a couple of standard web accessibility tools already implemented on the site.

Access keys

These allow you to move around without having to use a mouse. By pressing assigned buttons on your keyboard (see table below for how to do it with each browser) access keys will take you to different sections or specific tools within the site.

The following shortcuts are enabled:

  • 0 Accessibility Guide
  • 1 Site's home page
  • S Skip navigation (See full explanation of this)
  • 3 Sitemap
  • 4 Search Box

The way that these work depends on which internet browser you use (e.g Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox etc). Here are the instructions for each browser:


Internet Explorer 5 or newer Hold down ALT, press the correct access key, release both keys and press ENTER
Mozilla Firefox (on a PC) Hold down ALT, press the correct access key
Mozilla Firefox (on a Mac) Hold down CTRL, press the correct access key
Safari Hold down CTRL, press the correct access key
Opera Hold down SHIFT and press ESCAPE. Release both, then press correct access key

Skip navigation

This allows you to skip past menus and navigational tools, and move straight to the editorial content on any page. Simply click ‘Content' in the top right corner of any page on the site, or use the access key detailed above, to use this feature.

What are we going to do in future?

We're investigating further tools aimed at making the site even more accessible and user-friendly. Unfortunately there are only so many hours in the day! Yet hopefully you can look forward to soon seeing:

  • Alternative stylesheets. The ability to alter the presentation of each site page to suit your reading needs. This includes changing the size of text to aid partially sighted readers.
  • Article reader. A tool which reads the sites articles for you, and generates sound to read it aloud.

Tell us what else we can do!

It is our genuine aim to make this site ever more accessible. Your help is needed however. We are looking to constantly improve, meaning your feedback and suggestions are invaluable.

If you notice any glitches with our current accessibility set-up, want to suggest a new access key, or have an idea for a tool that would make using the site easier for you, please email us at

Spotted out of date info/broken links? Email: