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Our accessibility statement

We're committed to making as accessible as possible. We're here to cut your costs and fight your corner – no matter who you are or what your MoneySaving goal. And by making our content more accessible, we hope to reach and help as many of you as we can.

We've been working with the registered charity AbilityNet to improve our accessibility – it offers free resources on how you can make your device easier to use.

What accessibility guidelines do we work to?

We're currently working towards meeting an accessibility standard set out in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). These are designed to help online services understand how to become easier to use for people of all abilities, and cover areas such as a website's navigation, language and layout. They're the main accessibility standards recognised internationally, and are produced by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Specifically, as a starting point, we're aiming to reach the 'Level A' standard of WCAG 2.1. For more on these guidelines, head over to the W3C website.

We're working towards achieving Level A in a number of ways, including teaming up with the charity AbilityNet, talking with our users and trying out various accessibility tools to determine where we can make our site more accessible. When we run user-testing sessions, we do our best to make sure we include users who are vulnerable, or who have a known disability.

What areas are we working to improve?

In working towards achieving WCAG 2.1 Level A, we've identified aspects of that we know aren't as accessible as they could be.

Although we feel some features of our website do meet certain accessibility standards – for example, we try to use plain and jargon-free language, with the aim of being easily understood – there are some parts of our site that we're working to improve on:

  • Our site may not always support keyboard navigation or visual assistive technology, including:

    • Not all of our pages have the same main menu navigation.

    • Error messages may not be communicated to assistive technology users.

    • Some of our forms' controls and links may not be grouped together or labelled correctly – meaning, for example, that if you use a screen reader you might not be able to access the information that would allow you to fill in a form.

    • We may have inaccurate ARIA labelling where we haven't used semantic HTML markup – again, this may cause an accessibility issue if you use a screen reader or if you can't use a mouse. See the W3C website for more on ARIA labelling.

    • Some of our tables are difficult to navigate.

    • Sometimes our heading levels do not match the structure of the page, making it difficult to navigate by headings when using assistive technology.

    • The keyboard focus may not always be visible or in a logical order.

    • Some images might be missing alternative text (alt text) and/or the alt text may not be relevant.
  • You might not be able to view our content at high levels of zoom without text spilling off the screen.

  • You cannot fully adjust the line height or spacing of text and might have difficulty if you are reading content on the site using a custom stylesheet. These sometimes allow users to adjust certain styles of a webpage to suit their own requirements, such as increasing font size or changing the colour contrast. 

We will continue to work on improving the accessibility of our website and will regularly review and update this page as we do so. 

What about the external services that we use?

We sometimes feature third-party content and other organisations help our website to function. This may include:

  • Survey tools to collect feedback from users
  • Insight tools which tell us how people are using our website
  • Applications for creating forms and storing data

We also work with third parties to run certain parts of our site on our behalf. We can't always guarantee how accessible any third-party content will be, and don't assume any responsibility for third-party applications.

Have some feedback for us? Please let us know

It is our genuine aim to make this site ever more accessible. Your help is needed however. We are looking to improve constantly, meaning your feedback and suggestions are invaluable.

If you'd like to make any suggestions as to how we could improve our accessibility, please email us at

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