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Should pension tax relief be halved to 20% for higher earners?This week's MoneySaving poll


Pensions are a powerful tax break – allowing and encouraging people to save for retirement from PRE-TAX salary – at a cost to the Treasury of an estimated £35bn/yr. In simple terms…


- Basic 20% rate (salaries c. £11,500+) taxpayer £80 from their pay packet
- Higher 40% rate (salaries c. £45,000+) taxpayer £60 from their pay packet
- Top 45% rate (salaries c. £150,000+) taxpayer £55 from their pay packet

Some argue this is fair as everyone simply saves on paying income tax, others say higher earners do better as their tax gain is at least double. One idea mooted for the Autumn Budget is everyone just gets a 20% tax break, ie, a cut for higher earners, and a saving to the Treasury of over £10bn/yr.

Do you think pension tax relief should be cut for higher-rate taxpayers?

I’m a non-taxpayer

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I’m a basic 20% rate taxpayer

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I’m a higher 40% rate taxpayer

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I’m a top 45% rate taxpayer

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