FREE £17 organic and vegan sunscreen mini at selected O2 stores

As the sun starts to show up in earnest (we hope) in the UK, it's the time of year when you might start thinking about sunscreen, unless you wear it daily as recommended by foundations such as The British Skincare Foundation. Sunscreen can be expensive, which worryingly can put people off using the recommended amount, but I've found a fab freebie for you, plus tips on where to get cheap sunscreen with five-star UVA protection.

Perfume dupes at Home Bargains – would you double downshift to save up to 98%?

We've always been a fan of downshifting at MSE, where you switch from brands to much cheaper ‘dupes’ – lookalike products, where often even the packaging is similar to the expensive brand. Now I'm challenging you to 'downshift the downshifters' and swap your favourite £4 Lidl or £6 Aldi perfume dupe for a £1.25 or £2 version at Home Bargains. Will you take the double downshift challenge?

FREE Creams Café gelato scoop (normally £2.50)

If you're after a sweet treat, we're cone-fident we have just the the scoop for you...

20 FREE ways to relax, feel good & look after yourself

At MoneySavingExpert, we often talk about looking after your wallet, but looking after your wellbeing is just as important. While I'm not a doctor or a self-help guru (just a MoneySaving guru), I do have some tips of ways you can relax and look after yourself for free.

Save on brand-new clothes... by buying them second-hand

Second-hand shopping has grown in popularity, both online and in charity shops. But what some don't realise is that you can often find BRAND-NEW clothing on second-hand sites. Not only can this save you money, but it's a more sustainable option for the planet too.

How kids can earn a Blue Peter badge to bag free entry to 200+ attractions

When you think about Blue Peter, whatever your age, its highly coveted pin badges likely spring to mind. You might assume they're hard to get hold of, but with a bit of effort, kids can earn a badge fairly easily...

The downshift challenge: Can Home Bargains beat both Tesco AND Aldi?

I love a good coupon, but what's a girl to do when there aren't any suitable for your shop? Downshift your shop, that's what! 

Save up to £1 on your takeaway coffee – while saving the planet

Many of us regularly reach for a cup of coffee or tea to give us a caffeine boost, but if you’re out and about and can't bring a thermos from home, the cost of this can quickly mount up.

How to keep fit for FREE

Getting something totally free is likely to get a true MoneySaver's heart pumping faster than any cardio workout ever could. But, if that's not enough, I've rounded up 20+ ways you can exercise and get fit without spending a penny, both outdoors and at home.

Psssst! ‘SECRET’ Office & Schuh outlets flogging cheap, slightly blemished shoes

Nothing beats the feeling of a new pair of shoes, but this can quickly turn into heartache if they get scuffed the first time you wear them. So why not save yourself the misery (and some dosh) with a pair that isn't quite immaculate in the first place?