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Regular Savings Calculator

Work out what you’ll earn from a regular savings account with our special calculator.

Regular Savings Calculator

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See our Regular Savings Accounts guide for the need-to-knows and our top-pick accounts.

Using the calculator

I just want to save each month

Choose this option if you're adding to your savings each month and want to see how much interest you could get in a regular saver

Regular savings accounts offer some of the highest interest rates around. But they strictly limit deposits, so it takes time to build up the amount you have in one. Yet if you have some savings already, you can still take advantage - by drip-feeding.

I want to drip-feed a lump sum

Here’s how it works. Start by putting the lump sum in a top-paying easy-access account, if you haven’t already. Then, each month, pay as much as you can into the regular saver from the easy-access account, ensuring you have enough to keep up the minimum payments for the full term.

By slowly moving your cash across this way, every penny you want to save is earning the most it can at any given moment – as the calculator shows.

After a year, you can move your savings plus interest from the regular saver to the top payer at the time and start again.

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