The MoneySavingExpert Demotivator

What non-essentials do you buy? * eg, cappuccino or celeb magazine

What does this cost? £ Just the rough average

How often do you buy it?
What's your income ? Annual income £ OR Hourly rate £


Assumptions: The Demotivator is a fun tool, so to make it quick and simple some assumptions have been made in the calculations. We assume a working life is 45 years and a working week is 35 hours. To calculate how long you’ve worked, we assume a combined tax and national insurance rate of 33% - regardless of how much you earn. Thus low earners won’t have to work quite as long as it says and high earners will have to work longer. Then again, if you’re focusing on reading this bit, you’ve too much time on your hands and would be much better off spending the time saving yourself some money instead!