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Better ways to shop

How to shop smarter and uncover hidden deals

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The Demotivator

Stops you spending when you can't afford it!


Cashback & rewards

How to earn the max cashback and best rewards 

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Shopping online

How to find the best deals and stay safe when buying online

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How to get the best free stuff

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Reducing spending

How to spend less

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Consumer Rights

How to complain - and make sure you know your rights

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Our shopping section includes our shopping secrets, with clever tricks shops don’t want you to know such as how to haggle online and decipher hidden discount codes on tags. We also have our supermarket shopping tips, including how to take the downshift challenge to see if you can shave £1,500 off your annual shopping bill.

And we have a guide to how to haggle on the high street, as well as our Amazon deals and discount finder and local eBay deals mapper.

Our online shopping guide has 40+ tips to slash the cost of shopping on the web, including how to compare prices and how to abandon your online shopping basket to score discounts. Our top cashback sites guide also has ways to see if you can boost your saving.


Our freebies section explains how to bag cheap or free food, how to use Freecycle and Freegle to get unwanted freebies on giveaway sites and how to earn freebies for testing products.

We also have our free office software and free music online guides.

Our reducing spending section has our free money mantras to help you stop spending.

The consumer rights section has everything you need on fighting your corner for refunds and returns, plus how to use Section 75 credit card protection to protect all credit card spending. Our Amex, Mastercard and Visa chargeback guide covers the little-known purchase protection that can help you get £1,000s back.