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Truespeed Broadband Deals

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Truespeed Broadband Deals

Truespeed is an alternative fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) network and provider, which means it can offer superfast fibre to your home. It operates mostly in the South West of England.

What does Truespeed offer?

Truespeed has four different broadband packages, from 150Mb speed all the way to up to 900Mb, and all are broadband only so don't come with a landline.

How good is Truespeed's customer service?

In our February 2023 poll, Truespeed didn't get enough votes in order to rate its service, so we have little knowledge on its performance.

While its small size means it doesn’t show up in Ofcom reports, online reviews are broadly favourable, with an average TrustPilot score of 4.4 based on almost 500 reviews.

What Truespeed broadband speeds can I get?

Truespeed has a number of different broadband packages to choose from, depending on what speed you're after, including: 

  • Truespeed 150 (150Mb)
  • Truespeed 300 (300Mb)
  • Truespeed 600 (600Mb)
  • Truespeed 900 (900Mb) 

Truespeed uses the Openreach network, so it’s available to the majority of households, but not all homes can get the faster speeds – use our postcode checker to see if you can get it. To find out which speed is right for you, see our Cheap Broadband guide.

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Our top need-to-knows


Who we do and don't compare

This tool looks at 18 of the biggest providers, including the giants of BT, Sky and Virgin. Plus special deals we've found or blagged that we think are top picks. Yet there are also many small providers we can't list - which occasionally have cheap deals - so it's always worth checking direct with any local provider you know of. Let us know if you find a top deal we've missed and see which providers this tool covers.


Switching can save you £100s

Many get a cheap promo deal for broadband, line rent and/or TV, and stick with it when it ends, usually paying £100s/year more than they started with. Don't let it be you - compare now and see if you could save


Fast advertised speeds don't mean faster broadband

Providers only have to advertise the average speed received by at least 50% of customers between 8pm and 10pm. Your actual speed can depend on a host of factors - see the full checklist of tips in Broadband Speed Boosting.


Consider your need for speed

If it's just you and the dog, you're likely to be fine with standard speeds averaging around 11Mb. If you share a house, or you use the web for movie downloads, streaming or gaming, you may want to opt for faster speeds in excess of 30Mb.


Beware of mid-contract switching costs

Usually you'll pay for the rest of the contract plus termination fees. If your provider increases prices mid-contract and didn't warn you before you signed up, you can switch penalty-free within 30 days of notification of the price hike.


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