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Jaja credit card customers hit by account error as duplicate transactions and incorrect balances listed – here’s what it means for you

Credit card firm Jaja has admitted an issue that means some customers have had the same transaction added to their online and app-based account more than once. Jaja insists payments have only been processed once but it’s left customers confused and unsure of their available balance. has seen over 30 complaints on Twitter from unhappy Jaja customers in the past 24 hours with the majority complaining of seeing duplicate transactions and incorrect account balances on their credit card account. Customers say they’ve also faced long wait times when they’ve tried to contact Jaja’s customer services team about the problems.

Jaja has acknowledged the issues and told us it’s working to fix them as soon as possible, although it’s unclear how many customers are impacted. In a tweet published by its customer services team it says “some” customers are affected by a fault with its IT system. In addition, Jaja told us some customers have also received emails and text messages relating to their account balance, which are likely to be incorrect.

It’s not the first time Jaja has faced criticism from customers. When AA, Bank of Ireland UK and Post Office credit card customers were absorbed into the fintech firm last year similar issues were voiced, including some reports of duplicate transactions being listed.

If you’re looking for a new credit card or you want to switch away from Jaja, we've got several guides and tools to help you find the best credit card for you. Just remember to only take out a credit card if you can afford to repay at least the monthly minimum.

'Still not fixed - my balance is showing way more than I know I've spent'

Here’s a selection of some of the complaints we’ve seen from Jaja customers today who say the issue is still ongoing:

Payments haven’t been taken more than once, says Jaja

Jaja insists duplicate transactions have not been processed more than once and adds that it’s working to fix incorrect statements and balances within the next 24 hours. As such, it says affected customers don’t need to do anything and that contacting its customer services team is unlikely to speed up a resolution.

Of course, it’s worth keeping an eye on your statement over the coming days to ensure your balance returns to normal and that any duplicate transactions have been removed. If you notice any ongoing issues, payments that have been debited more than once, or you simply want to complain about the inconvenience you can contact Jaja on 0345 607 6500, or fill in a complaints form on Jaja's website.

If you’re unhappy with the response you do get from Jaja or you don’t get one within eight weeks you can take your complain to the free Financial Ombudsman Service, which can determine whether you’ve been treated unfairly and could ask Jaja to put you back into the position you were in before the issues occurred if they haven’t been resolved. See our Financial Ombudsman guide for more on this. 

What does Jaja say?

A Jaja spokesperson said: “We are aware that some credit card customers are seeing the same transaction appear multiple times in their app or online servicing account. We’d like to reassure customers that these transactions have not been processed multiple times, and there is no detriment to customers as a result of this.

“Some customers will also have received emails or text messages relating to their account status which may be incorrect. We’re working hard to ensure that all details in customers’ app and online servicing are refreshed as soon as possible and we’d like to apologise for any confusion this may have caused.”

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