Tools & Calculators

Tools & Calculators

Nifty gadgets, gizmos and apps to slash your bills

Credit cards and loans

Credit Card Eligibility Calculator
Find your odds of getting top cards

Loans Eligibility Calculator 
Find which loans you're most likely to be accepted for 

Credit Club
Turbo-boost your credit chances

Minimum Repayments Calculator 
How long will it take to pay your card(s) off if you only make the minimum payment?

Personal Loans Calculator
Help you work out the cost of a loan, plus whether you can save by switching 

Household bills

Cheap Energy Club
Helping you get no-hassle, constantly cheap gas & electricity

Broadband Unbundled
Compare broadband, phone line & TV deals to create your perfect package

Banking and savings

The Savings Calculator
How much will you earn on your savings or how long will it take to hit your goal?

The Regular Savings Calculator 
Work out what you'll earn from a regular savings account

Premium Bond Probability Calculator
Predicts your real chances of winning

Are Your Savings Safe? 
Shows which banks are linked so your savings are always protected

Shopping and deals

Local eBay Deals Mapper
Find hidden discounts near you

Downshift Challenge Calculator
Supermarket savings by dropping a brand level

Amazon Discount Finder
Builds hidden secret bargain basement pages

The Demotivator 
How much does a daily coffee or smoking really cost you?

Free complaints tool
Resolver - the automated complaints system

Income and budgeting

Income Tax Calculator
How much will you take home?

Tax Code Calculator
Find out if your tax code is correct

10 minute benefit check-up
The benefits & tax credits you're entitled to

Mortgages and homes

Mortgage Best Buys
Compare mortgages to find your top home loan

Ultimate Mortgage Calculator
Calcs for rates, overpayments, fixes and much more

Stamp Duty Calculator
Find out the tax payable when buying a home 

Council Tax Rebanding Calculator
What was your home really worth in 1991?

Mortgage Holiday Calculator
How much will a mortgage holiday cost you?


Compare exchange rates for your holiday money

Travel Insurance Comparison
Find the cheapest annual and single trip deals for under 65s

Overseas spending cards calculator
How much does your debit or credit card charge abroad?


Car Insurance Job Picker
Cut your motoring costs by tweaking your job description

Travel Insurance Comparison 
Find the cheapest annual and single trip deals for under 65s


Student Loans Calculator 
What'll you really repay for tuition fees & maintenance? 

The 'How much should you save for your child to go to university?' calc 
The University Maintenance Loan Contribution Ready Reckoner

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