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Full help for homeowners and tenants

Green mortgages

For those buying or living in an energy-efficient home

Moving home checklist

How to get prepared for the big move

Buy your freehold

How it works and how much it'll cost

50+ tips for renters

A fifth of households in the UK are privately rented

House auctions

It's possible to find repossessed properties at big discounts

Council tax bands

How to check if you're in the correct band

Housing & energy grants

There's a lot of financial help available right now

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Homeownership & Renting

Are you a homeowner? Or are you a renter? This section covers a number of issues that might be relevant to you – including leasehold, freehold, council tax bands and the electoral roll.

Are you in a leasehold property? For all the info on the differences between leasehold and freehold properties, plus for all about purchasing a freehold or extending a lease, see our respective guides.

Believe you're in the wrong council tax band? Our Council Tax Bands guide talks you through how you can check what band your property is in, and explains what the steps are if you decide to challenge the banding – something which could mean paying £100s less each year.

For this and much more, have a browse of our Homeownership & Renting page.

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