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Cheap car loans

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Cheap hire purchase

Spread the cost of buying your car

Credit unions

Local community savings and loans

Cheap car leasing

Find the cheapest long-term car rentals

Student loans

The truth about student finance

Student Loan Calculator

Estimates how much you could end up repaying

Plan 2 student loans

Interest is 5.4%. Should I panic or pay it off?

Plan 1 student loans

Plan 1 student loans

Should you pay it off early or save for other things?

Payday loans

Check cheaper alternatives first

Interest rates

Compound interest, AER and APR explained

Secured loans

They can be a nightmare – here's how to avoid them

Postgraduate student loans

Masters students can borrow £10,000 to study

Credit Club

Boost your credit chances

Salary advances

Access your salary early for a fee – an alternative to payday loans?

Build your credit history

A how-to for students and young people

20+ tips on buying a new car

Bag the latest model & use our checklists to avoid rip-offs

Debt consolidation loans

What are they and are they a good idea?

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If you're interested in taking out a loan, cutting your existing loan costs, or you just want to know more about your credit score and how to boost it, we have a range of guides to help inform your decision. Our Cheap personal loans guide details the cheapest personal loan best buys, but also addresses whether other finance options, like credit cards, might be cheaper for you. You can also use our handy Loans Eligibility Calculator to find which unsecured loans you're most likely to be accepted for – while protecting your credit score.

If you're looking for advice handling debt, our Debt help guide assists you in taking stock of your finances and points you in the right direction to get help.