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  • Get a 16-25, Family & Friends', Senior or Two Together Railcard via Tesco Clubcard* for £10 in Clubcard points instead of the usual £30. You'll be sent a code that can be used on the Railcard* site.

    If you're eligible for a Disabled Person's Railcard, you can get this for £7 in Clubcard points instead of the usual £20.

    What discounts do the railcards get you?

    16-25: A third off fares if you're aged 16 and over and under 26.
    Family & Friends': A third off adult and 60% off child fares, a minimum of one adult and one child, and a maximum of up to four adults and four children (age 5-15) can travel using one card.
    Senior: Those aged 60 and over get a third off rail fares.
    Two Together: A third off rail fares for two named adults when they travel together.
    Disabled Person's: If you have a disability that makes travelling by train difficult, you may qualify for this. You'll get a third off fares, including at peak time.

    • While worth 1p in store, Clubcard points values are tripled when converted to Tesco Rewards*, which include days out, magazine subscriptions, holidays etc.

      Read more in the Loyalty Points Boosting guide. Also, check the railcard site for restrictions and to ensure you're eligible before exchanging your vouchers.

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  • If your train season ticket is an Annual Gold Card (or comes with one), you can get extra discounts you don’t get with a standard season ticket. One of the biggest perks is being able to buy a railcard for just £10 (up to 66% off the normal price) for yourself or someone else.

    This discount only works for those in parts of the UK where Gold Cards are issued (most of the south of England and West Midlands). But if that’s you, it can be a winner. Railcards usually give a third off most fares – see full info on what each railcard gets you.

    How do I get a Gold Card?

    To do this, you'll need to have an Annual Gold Card – this will either be your actual season ticket or come with it. You should have been given one automatically if you’ve bought a year's season ticket or Travelcard (not weekly or monthly) from one of 600+ stations on this Annual Gold Card area map, and at least one of the stations on your ticket falls within the same area.

    This won’t work in much of the UK, but the Gold Card area includes a large part of the south of England and West Midlands – including Bournemouth, Brighton, Coventry, Norwich and London stations. 

    Which railcards can I get for £10?

    You can choose from most of the major national railcards – 16-25, Family & Friends', Two Together, Senior, Network Railcard for London and the south of England (all norm £30) and Disabled Person's Railcard (norm £20). These cards get you a third off most journeys – see all railcard types.

    You can get one annual railcard for £10 at any time during the validity of your Annual Gold Card.

    Don't have a Gold Card? You can still get a £10 railcard

    The person buying the railcard doesn’t have to be the person who ends up using it.

    So if a friend or family member who commutes has a Gold Card, just ask them to buy the £10 railcard for you if they don't need it, and they can follow the steps below. Check the Railcard* website to make sure you're eligible beforehand, and provide the Gold Card holder with any photos or evidence of eligibility required.

    You can only buy the £10 railcard from a station

    If you bought your annual season ticket from a train station, you'll need to purchase your railcard from that particular station. If you bought it online, then you can go to your nearest station. The only exception is if you're getting a Disabled Person's Railcard – see 'More info' below.

    Let the staff member know you want to purchase a £10 railcard with your Gold Card and fill in the application they give you. Some railcards such as 16-25 and Senior require photos and evidence of eligibility so have that with you, and you'll need to show your Gold Card.

    If you're buying a railcard for someone else, Railcard says the person you're buying the railcard for doesn't need to be present.

    Another way to get a discount on railcards

    • If you have a Tesco Clubcard with enough points, you could use your Clubcard vouchers to get a one-year railcard for £10 in vouchers (£7 for the Disabled Person's Railcard). See National Railcards for £10 in Tesco points.
    • What other discounts does an Annual Gold Card get?

      As long as you're travelling within the Annual Gold Card area, your Gold Card essentially gives you most of the same discounts on rail fares as all the major railcards combined, as in addition to being your season ticket for commuting, it gets you:

      • 34% off standard and first class off-peak train fares for you and up to three people travelling with you.
      • 60% off for up to four kids (5-15 years old) travelling with you.
      • One-third off Oyster pay-as-you-go, Anytime Day Travelcards, and PLUSBUS day tickets within the Network Railcard area.

      These discounts can't be used before 9.30am Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays). See full terms and conditions.

      What about the Disabled Person's Railcard?

      You can't get a £10 Disabled Person's Railcard at a station. You'll need to either call the Disabled Person's Railcard office on 0345 605 0525 or post a completed application form, evidence of eligibility, and a copy of the front and back of your Gold Card to: Disabled Persons Railcard office, PO Box 6613, Arbroath DD11 9AN. See Disabled Person's Railcard for full info on this card.

  • If you have a disability that makes travelling by train difficult, you may qualify for a Disabled Person's Railcard* (see 'Are you eligible?' below).

    It costs £20 for one year, or £54 for three years (equivalent to £18 per year), and gets you one-third off most train travel. That means if you spend over £60 on eligible rail fares in a year (or £55 if you have a three year card), then it's worth getting one as the savings beat the cost of the card.

    Unlike most other railcards, there are no time restrictions for when the Disabled Person's Railcard can be used, although it won't work on season tickets. What's more, if you travel with another adult, they'll also get one-third off. The accompanying adult does not have to have a disability, but does need to travel the whole duration of the journey with the card holder to qualify.  

    Are you eligible?

    You should qualify for a Disabled Person's Railcard if...

    • You are registered as deaf or use a hearing aid.
    • You are registered as having a visual impairment.
    • You receive personal independence payments (PIP).
    • You receive disability living allowance (DLA) at either the higher or lower rate for the mobility component, or the higher or middle rate for the care component.
    • You have epilepsy and have repeated attacks, even though you receive drug treatment, or are currently prohibited from driving because of epilepsy.
    • You receive attendance allowance or severe disablement allowance.
    • You receive war pensioner's mobility supplement.
    • You receive war or service disablement pension for 80% or more disability.
    • You buy or lease a vehicle through the motability scheme.

    You'll need to provide evidence of your eligibility when applying – see the Disabled Person's Railcard* site for a list of accepted proof.

    The railcard can't be bought at station ticket offices, but you can pick up an application form which you'll need to complete and post – or you can apply for the card online.

    Can children get this railcard?

    If your child (aged 5-15) has one of the eligible disabilities, they can apply for a Disabled Person's Railcard (or you can apply on their behalf). They won't get discounted child fares, but the card will allow one adult travelling with them to get one-third off.

    Have a Tesco Clubcard? You could save 65% off a one year card

    If you have a Tesco Clubcard with enough points, you could use your Clubcard vouchers to get a one year Disabled Person's Railcard for £7 in vouchers. See National Railcards for £10/£7 in Tesco points.

    • You need to carry your railcard with you when travelling. Although railcards are sent via First Class post, you're best allowing up to five working days for delivery.

      Railcards are not valid in Northern Ireland.

Latest Expired Deals

  • 15% off Two Together Railcard

    15% off Two Together Railcard

    Online code gets one-year railcard for £25.50 (normally £30)


    The Two Together Railcard is a great way for two adults to save while travelling together by train, as it knocks a third off the cost of off-peak rail fares (see terms and restrictions below).

    A one-year railcard normally costs £30, but enter the code VDAY15 online at Two Together Railcard* before 11.59pm on Tue 19 Feb and you'll pay just £25.50.

    That means if you spend over £75 on eligible train fares in a year, even if it's on one journey, then it's worth getting one as the savings beat the cost of the card.

    How the railcard works

    Two of you get a joint railcard, with both of your photos on it (you'll need to upload these when you order the card). You must travel together but you can have more than one card, eg, one with your spouse and one with a friend you go to football with – you'll both get a third off your train fare.

    To save on days out, you can get 2for1 entry to 300+ attractions with a valid train ticket. For more tips, see Cheap Train Tickets.

    The Two Together Railcard can't be used on trains that depart between 4.30am and 9.29am weekdays, except public holidays. For full terms and conditions, see Two Together Railcard*.

    You can only get the 15% discount offer online and not at railway stations.

    Have a Tesco Clubcard?

    If you have a Tesco Clubcard with enough points, you could use your Clubcard vouchers to get a one-year railcard for £10 in vouchers. See National Railcards for £10 in Tesco points.

  • Family & Friends Railcard Black Friday 20% off

    Family & Friends Railcard Black Friday 20% off

    Online discount gets one-year railcard for £24 (norm £30)


    Follow MSE Deals on Twitter for Black Friday updates, and see our Black Friday Guide for all our predictions, info and analysis.

    Travelling by train with the family can be costly, but if you have a railcard, you could be on track for a decent saving.

    Railcard has confirmed that for Black Friday, you'll be able to get 20% off a one-year Family & Friends Railcard from 0.01am on Fri 23 Nov until 11.59pm on Tue 27 Nov via this Family & Friends Railcard* link.

    It means you can get the one-year railcard for £24 instead of the usual £30. The card gives you a third off most adult rail fares and 60% off for kids when you travel together.

    As a Black Friday deal, this isn't particularly impressive as it offers 20% off the Family & Friends Railcard a few times a year, and past Black Friday promotions have offered as much as £10 off. But of course, if you're wanting this railcard or it's time to renew, then any discount is good to have. The railcard itself can save you a lot of money in the long run – even if you don’t use the train that often, just one rail trip costing over £72 can save you more than the £24 you'll have paid for the railcard.

    How the railcard works:

    • Up to four adults aged 16 and over can get one-third off most rail fares (see below for restrictions) when travelling together with up to four children aged 5-15, who will get 60% off their fares. Under-5s go free anyway.
    • Two adults can be named on the card and at least one must be travelling whenever it's used.
    • You don't need to be related – so it's not just for families, but also friends who can share a card and each benefit from the discount, just as long as you travel with at least one child.

    The Family & Friends Railcard can't be used on trains that depart before 9.30am weekdays, except public holidays, for journeys wholly within the London and South East Network Railcard area (see map) – outside this area there is no time restriction.

    For the full terms, see Family & Friends Railcard*. You can't get this offer at train stations, only online.

    It's worth noting, that you can get a three-year railcard for £70, so if you can afford it, then even with the 20% discount on a one-year railcard, it's slightly cheaper in the long run to buy a three-year one if you'll use it (and if you or family members will still be eligible).

    Other ways to get a discount on this and other railcards

    For more deals and analysis, see our full guide for Black Friday.

    • Although railcards are sent via First Class post, you're best allowing up to five working days for delivery. Railcards are not valid in Northern Ireland.