The MoneySavingExpert App

Everything you need to know about the MSE App, a brand new way to use the site – packed with enhanced tools and some experimental, early-stage new features.

  • What are the features of the MoneySavingExpert App?

    The app gives you access to the MSE site you know and love, just in super-easy app format.

    It includes the usual staples – the latest MoneySaving news, top deals and in-depth guides, as well as vital cost of living help.

    It also provides quick access to all sections of the main MSE site and weekly email at the tap of a screen, plus it allows you to easily delve into MSE's 30+ MoneySaving tools.

    In an exciting development, we've also launched MSE ChatGPT initially in the app. This experimental tool harnesses the powerful capabilities of ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence chatbot, to give auto-generated yet personalised answers to your money questions. Yet crucially the primary information source will be MSE itself – searching through its guides, blogs and information on a weekly basis to offer a concise and speedy answer – ensuring you get information you can trust. 

    We're also experimenting and testing a way to bring you tailored tips through a feature called 'MyMSE'. We want to help slash your bills by learning more about your spending, interests and MoneySaving goals. More info below.

    Finally, we've developed a new video livestreaming feature, which allows you to ask Martin Lewis a question and get an answer directly from the founder. Livestream events will be happening frequently on the app - keep your eyes peeled on the Weekly Email for the next one. 

    We're only just starting out on this journey and we are working to make it much more powerful – we are listening to feedback and suggestions from users as we continue to develop the app.

  • Do I have to pay to download the app?

    No. All parts of MoneySavingExpert, including MSE's app, are completely free to use. You don't have to make any in-app payments to unlock any of the features within the app.

  • Why should I register for the app?

    You're prompted to register after downloading the app – but you don't have to do this and you can still access the MSE site within the app if you don't.

    Registering has some benefits though – it'll allow you to save MSE articles, and we've enhanced some of our tools so they work better for registered users. For example, you can save some info in our Credit Card Eligibility Calculator for future credit card searches, and our Broadband Unbundled tool will remember your postcode when you next want to compare broadband deals (which can differ depending on your location).

    You'll also be able to use the same login details to register and access MSE's Credit Club - full details below.

    MyMSE, our experimental, early-stage feature, is only accessible if you've registered for the app.

  • Do I need to sign up to the Weekly Money Tips email if register for the app?

    No, but there is a sign-up box when you register which allows you to receive the email if you'd like to. You can unsubscribe at any time.

  • Will my email address be used for advertising?

    MoneySavingExpert is ad-free. We only keep a record of your email address so that you can log into your account. We will not share your address with anyone else.

  • What is 'MyMSE'?

    MyMSE is an experimental, early-stage feature exclusively developed for the MSE App. It aims to use tech to learn about your spending and interests so we can give you personalised tips and help you cut your bills. 

    You'll need to be registered with an MSE Account and logged in to use MyMSE.

    It compromises of three features:

    Hot topics - tailored MoneySaving tips and tricks based on your spending and interests. To use Hot Topics, you'll need to:

    • Tell us what your financial goals are (choose currently from a list of 12).
    • Link your bank account or credit card account, through technology called 'Open Banking'. This'll allow us to analyse your spending. You can find out more about this tech in our Open Banking guide.

    Bill Buster - tracks your main bills and contracts, and when they're due to end we'll show you the cheapest deals and tell you the best time to switch. To use Bill Buster, you'll need to:

    • Answer a few questions about your bills (currently mobile, broadband and car insurance, but we're planning to add more soon). The tool works best when you have notifications switched on and you know when your contract's end. 
    • OR link your bank account or credit card account, through technology called 'Open Banking'. This'll allow us to analyse your transactions, identify your providers and automatically find out how much you spend. You can find out more about this tech in our Open Banking guide.

    Saved articles - bookmark MSE guides, stories and deals to read later. 

    Martin Lewis Q&As - you'll be able to ask Martin a question when we are running live video Q&As in the app.

  • How do you keep my data safe?

    There are two main types of data used in the MSE App.

    First, like most apps, it uses cookies to keep you logged in and to provide MSE with helpful information on how the app is being used. You can opt in and out of cookie categories within the app settings.

    The second is your spending data. We use Open Banking technology that allows MSE to take a top-level look at your spending and payments, to help give you more relevant information about what you can do to save. We've made sure we've taken the security of this data very, very seriously.

    • The app (and MSE) does not store any bank account or credit card details or login information.
    • It can't access your bank account or move money (not that we'd want to, anyway).
    • Nobody at MSE or MoneySupermarket Group (which we're a part of) can see your banking or spending data.
    • We use 256-bit encryption to connect with your bank or credit card provider – we know that sounds techy but it's important.
    • When you've connected your bank account or credit card account, we'll ask you to set an additional PIN or enable 'biometric login', so that there's an extra layer of security.

    You can also stop the app having access to your banking data if you change your mind, plus you can de-link your account from the app via your bank (through its mobile banking app or online banking). Plus, the app can still be used for free without registering, so if you want to, you can use it and provide absolutely no personal data (but you will get a less tailored experience).

    Your data-sharing preferences can always be updated in the app settings. You can read more in MSE's Privacy Policy.

    MSE's partner for Open Banking tech is TrueLayer – which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and registered with the Information Commissioner's Office, the UK's data privacy body. 

  • Can I log in to the app with the details I've used with the MSE Credit Club, Cheap Energy Club, or the MSE Forum?

    We have started to move towards bringing together all MSE accounts, including our clubs and our app, into a single login and one MSE Account.

    As a first step, you're able to log in to Credit Club and the MSE App using the same login details. If you're in the app, you'll be able to go straight through to Credit Club without having to log in again. 

    How to log in

    If you're trying to log in to Credit Club and have an MSE App account registered with the same email, you should use your MSE App details to log in from now - your Credit Club password will no longer work. If you can't remember your MSE App password, you will have to reset your password before you log in - but don't worry... you can do this from Credit Club with the link underneath the login box.

    If you're logging in to the MSE App and have a Credit Club account registered with the same email, you can continue to use your MSE App login details for both and your Credit Club password will be deleted the next time you log in to either.

    If you use different passwords for Credit Club and the MSE App and would rather use your Credit Club password, you should log in to Credit Club using your MSE App details and then change your password in the ‘Settings’ page.

    I'm registered for the Credit Club and the MSE App with different email addresses - are they now connnected?

    For security we will only connect details for accounts where the email address has been verified on both Credit Club and the MSE App, and where the email addresses match.

    If you have accounts using different email addresses you will not be able to connect these, but you can use one set of details to log in to the other.

    Can I log in to the app with my Cheap Energy Club or MSE Forum details?

    Not yet - they still have separate logins for now. But we're working on it...

    Can I close my accounts?

    You can close your account at any time from the ‘Settings’ in Credit Club or the MSE App. This will close both your Credit Club and your MSE App account.

    If you want to close only one of your accounts, you would have to close both and then sign up again to the one you want to be a member of.

    What can I do if I'm having trouble logging in or registering for either Credit Club or the app?

    Contact us at We can give you a hand getting things sorted. 

  • What devices will the app work on?

    The MSE App has been built for smartphones.

    • If you have an iPhone, it will need to run on iOS 15 or above.
    • If you have an Android phone, it will need to run on version Android 7.0 or above.

    Due to some hardware limitations, the app may not work on all devices (typically older ones).

  • What notifications will the app send me?

    One of the most exciting parts of launching the app is that we can notify you about the things that matter – when big stories break or changes happen that could affect you. 

    At the moment, we're taking it slow with notifications – we'll tell you about breaking news and when the latest weekly email is out and, if you've registered with the Credit Club, we'll tell when your credit score has been updated. If you've signed up to our Bill Buster feature, we'll notify you when your contract's are ending and the best times to take action to save.

    You'll be asked if you want notifications when you download the app. 

    • With iOS (Apple) devices, you have to opt in for notifications.
    • With Android devices, you have to opt out of notifications.

    You can manage notifications from the app in your phone's settings.

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