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How to get the best deal on your broadband and TV

Cheap broadband deals

Seven million households are likely overpaying for broadband as costs rocket when promo deals end. So if you're out of contract, check now if you can save £100s/year by switching. Our broadband comparison tool helps you compare broadband, line and TV deals.

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5 quick broadband switching need-to-knows:

Four million on a low income are missing out on cheap 'social tariffs' 

If you're on Universal Credit, Pension Credit, or equivalent benefits, you could be eligible for special social broadband tariffs. These tariffs are designed to give long-term consistently cheap prices. But around four million eligible households are missing out.

Prices start from £12/month for 38Mb fibre. You can opt to see these tariffs from firms with near-national coverage alongside standard deals in our broadband comparison. But for a list of all of them, see our...

Full social tariffs info


Don't want to switch? Haggle with your provider...

If your deal's ending, or you're out of contract, switching isn't the only way to cut costs. Slash £100s off your bills by using a method that dates back to the dawn of civilisation... haggling.

Haggling tips to save £100s

TV MoneySaving tricks

Over half of UK households are signed up to at least one streaming service, while millions spend £100s a year on digital TV subscriptions.

Yet there are loads of ways to slash the cost, such as making the most of Freeview, switching streaming plan and finding the best digital TV deal. Here are our best tips to save on watching telly.

MoneySaving successes

Below we've featured some fantastic success from MSE users who've used these guides to save money on their broadband & TV. If you've found success using our tools or guides, let us know via email

"I'm with Virgin Media and my bill was going to increase to £64 next month. After calling them and following the Broadband haggling tips, they have offered me a new price of £26. This will save me £684 over the contract term!"

- Dawn, February 2024

"My partner's mum has been struggling with the cost of living and Sky quoted her a mind-boggling £89 a month. I noticed the section on MSE about broadband social tariffs. A 15-minute phone call later and she's now on Sky's £20 a month social tariff package. Thank you so much.

- Stanzi, September 2023

"Thank you to your helpful Sky haggling guide. I was able to negotiate our broadband, phone and TV package down from £123 a month to £86 a month, which over the course of the next 18 months will save me £666!"

- Calum, January 2024

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How to get the best deals on your broadband and TV

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