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Broadband & TV

Stop overpaying for your broadband and landline. Easily compare and switch providers to a cheap promo deal or follow our top tips to haggle a new deal if you’d prefer to stick with it. Use our Broadband Unbundled tool to compare the best deals. It doesn’t just cover mainstream offers from the likes of BT, Sky and Virgin, but often includes exclusive deals we’ve blagged too. Plus if another comparison site has a cracking offer, we'll try to put it in the tool to give you a wider choice.

This section also contains our guide to switching broadband with our handpicked top deals and helps answer key questions such as whether or not you really need fibre and if you can get broadband without a phone line. We warn when comparing deals that the advertised speeds are just an indication of the speeds you may get and explain your rights if things go wrong, such as if you qualify for automatic compensation. 

If you’re struggling with slow broadband we’ve got tips and tricks to help improve your current connection and help identify when it could be time to upgrade to a faster fibre service – or how to complain about your broadband provider.