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  • Website: Boots*
    Start date (online): It started at 4am on Thu 23 Dec
    Start date (in store): It started on Sun 26 Dec
    Sale strength: Up to 50% off
    Likely to boost? Boots normally boosts its 'up to 50% off' Boxing Day and January sale to 'up to 70% off' in stores only at the end of January/beginning of February, so we're expecting it to happen again around the same time.

    Some strong deals we found on Thu 23 Dec include:

    As with any sale, stock is likely to be limited, so go quick if there's something you fancy. Don't assume Boots is always cheapest, even in its sales - do your own price comparisons before buying.

    Looking for another sale? See our January Sales page for a full list of what's on.

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  • Boots Advantage cardholders aged 60 or over can get eight Advantage Card points per £1 spent (usually four per £1) on Boots branded products by signing up to Boots Health Club*.

    Once registered, you'll be sent a printable voucher via email to show in-store, with your Advantage card, for the extra points.

  • There are always ways to save money at Boots*, so even if there isn’t a cracking deal out there that works for you, don’t assume you can’t cut your costs.

    Ways to save include:

    • Exclusive offers for Advantage Card customers. If you sign up to the Boots Advantage Card* it will allow you access to personalised coupons and discounts via the Boots app* (available on iOS and Android only), as well as let you know about promotional offers such as regular triple points events and competitions.

    • Coupons, cashback and freebies. Look out for coupons/freebies with products, such as around the neck of liquid soap bottles, or online for coupons and cashback to save on your shopping (see our regularly updated coupons list). Make sure you look out for coupons in store inside the free (to Advantage Card holders, £1 otherwise) Health & Beauty magazine, or freebies attached to the magazine cover as well as coupons from the till, such as £5 off No 7.
    • Check out similar retailers, eg, Superdrug. If you’re not committed to buying from Boots, check out our deals from Superdrug where they may have a better offer.

    • Had a problem with Boots? There’s a free online tool you can use to complain – it helps draft, manage and if necessary escalate your complaint. It’s offered by a firm called Resolver, which we like so much we work with it to help people get complaints justice – you can use it to complain to Boots*.

    If you spot any hot deals out there we have missed (we are human after all!), please let us know in the MSE forum, email us, or via Twitter @MSE_Deals.

  • If you have a Boots Advantage Card, you can get personalised offers and discounts at Boots* by downloading the Boots app. The offers vary for each person, as they are tailored to your shopping habits.

    How to get the app and offers

    • Download the Boots app* via the App Store or Google Play.
    • Go to 'My offers' and sign in using your Advantage Card number. This links your card to the app and you can then select offers by loading them onto your card.
    • Choose the offers you'd like to use in 'Offers just for me' and select 'Load offer to Advantage Card'.
    • Next time you use your Advantage Card, the cashier or self-checkout will ask you if you want to use the offer in that transaction. 

    What can I get?

    These are some examples of offers we've seen when trying the app (of course as the offers are personalised, not everyone will receive the same ones):

    • £1.50 off when you spend £15 or more in a single transaction
    • 20% off a shower gel or body wash
    • 100 points when you buy two or more shampoo or conditioner products

    What if I don't have a smartphone?

    You can also use the Boots website* to select offers and load them to your Advantage Card. Just register or log-in to view your account and offers.

    MSE Sarah says:

    The best thing about this deal is that the offers usually work on top of other in-store discounts. I got a £2 Nivea shower gel for 80p by using a '20% off' deal from the app on top of a half-price in-store offer.

Latest Expired Deals

  • ALL GONE. £115+ of No7 for £25

    ALL GONE. £115+ of No7 for £25

    'Mystery' bundles available including full-size bronzer, body serum, palette & more


    MSE Update, Wed 12 Jan at 12.49pm: This deal has been very popular since we featured it in this week's MSE Money Tips email and all bundles have now sold out. We've left the deal information below for reference.

    If you're a fan of No7 products, then buying them as part of a special bundle can be much cheaper than buying items individually. Boots is currently offering two No7 bundles* online only, each with £115+ of products for £24.95, plus £3.75 delivery or £1.50 click and collect (though see below for a trick to avoid delivery costs).

    There's a twist to these bundles – they're 'mystery' boxes – so you won't know exactly what you're getting. Although as you'll see below, you don't need to be Sherlock Holmes as Boots is giving some pretty heavy clues, so we've taken a 'guess' at the contents.

    Boots says the items and shades included won't differ per box set, so all 'Box 1' bundles are the same, for example. There's limited stock of each bundle, so go quick if it's something you want – there was a third bundle, 'Box 2', which has already sold out.

    SOLD OUT No7 'Mystery Box 3' bundle* – Boots says it would cost £116.40 if bought individually

    It contains seven full-size No7 products including mascara, powder blusher, bronzer, corrector, palette, body serum and lash serum.

    Again, the contents is hidden (well, somewhat), but we've put our strongest glasses on and made some guesses of what we think could be included:

    • No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced moisturising body serum, 200ml – normally £24.95
    • No7 Laboratories dark circle corrector, 15ml – normally £24.95
    • No7 Shimmer highlight palette – normally £14.95
    • No7 Lash Impact Ultra mascara, 7ml – normally £13.95
    • No7 Lash Impact lash serum, 6ml – on offer for £5 (was £16.95)
    • No7 Match Made bronzer – on offer for £6.47 (was £12.95)
    • No7 Match Made powder blusher – on offer for £4.47 (was £8.95)

    SOLD OUT No7 'Mystery Box 1' bundle* – Boots says it would cost £117.90 if bought individually

    It contains eight full-size No7 products including mascara, powder blush, bronzer, lash serum, palette, eyeshadow, body serum and gel cream.

    Boots has (sort of) greyed-out the items in the image, but through the power of zooming in you can make out the labels of some products, and match up others to the original item images on the Boots website.

    Here's what we think could be included:

    • No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced moisturising body serum, 200ml – normally £24.95
    • No7 Last Impact lash serum, 6ml – on offer for £5 (was £16.95)
    • No7 Shimmer highlight palette – normally £14.95
    • No7 Dramatic Lift mascara, 7ml – on offer for £6.75 (was £13.50)
    • No7 HydraLuminous gel cream, 50ml – on offer for £8.97 (was £14.95)
    • No7 Match Made bronzer, 10g – on offer for £6.47 (was £12.95)
    • No7 Stay Perfect Trio eye shadow, 3g – normally £9.95
    • No7 Match Made powder blusher, 3g – on offer for £4.47 (was £8.95)

    If we assume all our guesses are correct (though remember, we don't know for sure), even factoring in Boots' current sale offers, the bundles would still cost £81.51 and £94.74 respectively, if bought individually, so you can make a big saving. For more offers, check out our analysis of Boots 'up to 50% off' January sale.

    MSE Oli says:

    Each bundle is £24.95, an annoying 5p under the free delivery or free click and collect threshold of £25. To avoid paying the £3.75 delivery charge or £1.50 for click and collect, add an additional cheap item that costs less than £3.75/£1.50 – something you'll use – for example we spotted 40p Shapers crisps* or aspirin tablets*. That way, you'll pay much less and have an extra item.

  • £32.50 Soap & Glory 'A Printly Glorious' Boots Star Gift

    £32.50 Soap & Glory 'A Printly Glorious' Boots Star Gift

    Normally £65, but worth £78 if you bought the items separately


    MoneySavers wait all year for this and get in a real lather about it… The Soap & Glory 'A Printly Glorious' set is now £32.50 online at Boots* and in stores, subject to stock until Fri 24 Dec.

    This gift set, which includes body butter, a face mask and mascara, is normally £65, but if the products were bought individually they would cost £78. Delivery's free if you order online, or you can collect in a store for free.

    Boots says it has decent stock levels, but as it's a popular set it's best to go quick if you want to clean up with this one. This is part of the annual Boots 'Star Gift' Christmas promotion, which is popular with MoneySavers and in the MSE Forum every year. Each week it releases an offer on a different gift product in the lead up to Christmas. 

    Soap & Glory 'A Printly Glorious' body care set includes:

    • 'Call of Fruity' refreshing body wash, 500ml - £6.50
    • 'Call of Fruity' hydrating body lotion, 500ml - £10
    • 'Clean on Me' hydrating body wash in 'Original Pink', 500ml - £6.50
    • 'The Scrub of Your Life' smoothing body scrub in 'Original Pink', 200ml - £7 (currently out of stock)
    • 'The Righteous Butter' body butter in 'Original Pink', 300ml - £10
    • 'Call of Fruity' hydrating hand cream, 125ml - £6.50
    • 'Hand Food' hydrating hand cream in 'Original Pink', 50ml - worth £1.70 based on the full-size 250ml version
    • 'Face Soap and Clarity' vitamin C facial wash, 350ml - £8
    • 'Bright & Beautiful' radiance-boosting mask, 29g - £2.50 (on offer, normally £3.95)
    • 'The Fab Pore' pore-refining mask, 29g - £2.50 (on offer, normally £3.95, but currently out of stock)
    • 'The Rushower' 'Scent-sational' dry shampoo in 'Original Pink', 200ml - £4
    • 'Heel Genius' hydrating foot cream, 50ml - worth £2.20 based on the full-size 125ml version
    • Thick & Fast 'High Definition' mascara, 10ml - £10.50

    Be careful though - there's more than one Soap & Glory gift set currently available at Boots, so make sure you get 'A Printly Glorious' if you want this deal.

    For more beauty deals, see our Cheap make-up and beauty deals page.