Festive Frolics or Foroughly Fed Up?

Festive Frolics or Foroughly Fed Up?

Poll Started Dec 18 2007: Festive Frolics or Foroughly Fed Up?

It’s Christmas and winter festivals time; yet as we’ve been in the festive season for a seeming age already are you still excited, or fed up and wishing it was all ready all over?

Which of the following best fits your view?


A. Ho Ho Ho. Every minute's great - the longer the better. 637 votes (25 %)
B. Ho Ho Hmm. I love Christmas, but it does drag on a bit. 1,035 votes (40 %)
C. Ho ‘eck. I’ve had enough I wish it were all over and done with. 518 votes (20 %)
D. Ho No. Ban Christmas, I’d be much happier. 390 votes (15 %)

                   2,580 votes received.

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