Should the UK join the Euro?

Should the UK join the Euro?

Poll Started 29 September 2009:

Should the UK join the Euro?

The pound’s plummeted against the Euro, so it's not far from £1=€1 (see Travel Money Max for the latest rate).

Is it time we joined the European currency? If so the rate would be fixed, and possibly at a higher exchange rate than the one we get now, or should we stick with the pound, which could bounce back? Remember it isn’t just about travel money, but has a massive impact on imports and exports.


A. The UK should join the euro. 2,886 votes (30 %)
B. We should keep the pound. 6,295 votes (65 %)
C. Don’t know. 557 votes (6 %)

                   9,738 votes received.

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