Should we withdraw from Europe?

Should we withdraw from Europe?

Poll Started 08 June 2009:

Should we withdraw from Europe?

From regulations to unlocking trade barriers the European Union (EU) plays a huge part in our economic life. We’ve just had Euro elections and the eurosceptic parties did well, but let's purify the question.

Which of these is closest to your view on Europe?


A. Full integration. A United States of Europe. 737 votes (6 %)
B. More Integration. E.g. Join the Euro & have unified foreign policy. 1,545 votes (13 %)
C. Status Quo. Keep things as they are now. 1,357 votes (12 %)
D. Less Integration. E.g. Keep open trade but that’s it. 4,405 votes (38 %)
E. Withdraw. UK to leave the EU. 3,470 votes (30 %)

                   11,514 votes received.

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