Are wind farms an aye-aye or an eyesore?

Are wind farms an aye-aye or an eyesore?

The Prime Minister is blowing cold on on-shore wind farms, having once been full of hot air about pushing for renewable energy sources.

The Conservative Party says it won't subsidise any new wind farms if they win the next election. They argue the UK is on track to meet its wind power targets, but critics argue this policy is to appease those who think the tall white turbines blight our landscape. So we wanted to test your views.

Which of these options is closest to your opinion?


Eyesore – they’re horrible, ugly things and shouldn’t be allowed 3,747 votes (28 %)
Not nice but worth it – they're not attractive but it's worth promoting them 1,388 votes (10 %)
They're beautiful – they enhance the landscape like modern windmills 3,903 votes (29 %)
They’re not unpleasant – I think complaints over looks are overblown 4,221 votes (32 %)

                   13,259 votes received.

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