Martin Lewis: mortgage holders to pay as savers gain little

Martin Lewis comments on the Bank of England’s announcement that the base rate will increase to 0.5%

On the Bank of England’s announcement that the base rate will increase to 0.5%, Martin Lewis, founder of said:


“Low interest rates have been a plague for many with savings, especially those who retired and expected to live off the interest. So rate rises are generally good news for them – indeed we’ve already seen rates crawl up in expectation. The top easy access deal is now 1.3%, compared to just 1% a few months ago. This means I doubt we’ll see the top best-buys rise by the full 0.25% over the next few weeks.With a little bit of crystal ball gazing I’d say we’ll see them max out at 1.4% to 1.5%.

“Yet many people have money in savings accounts already paying pitiful, spitworth rates like0.1%, and they are unlikely to rise. Those in a middling account paying about 0.5% may see an increase over the next few weeks. But if you're earning less than 1%, it's a crap account anyway so you should ditch and switch.”


“Millions of people on variable mortgages will see a direct increase in cost of roughly £200 a year per £100,000 of outstanding mortgage. And most lenders will pass on the full 0.25% if not more. Lenders change their standard variable rates not only based on interest rate moves, but for their own competitive advantage.Do not be surprised if some lenders use this move as an opportunity to sneak rates up further maybe 0.3%.

“The bigger picture though is this is likely to be the beginning of the end of uber-cheap mortgages. New fixes are already a tad costlier as the market's anticipated rate rises; yet for now, deals are still incredibly cheap. And it’s important to understand that most lenders set aside a tranche – say £30m worth – that they're willing to loan at the current rate. Those deals stay till that tranche is gone, so if rates do rise, there’s still a window of opportunity for the next couple of weeks to get current cheap deals.Everyone should check to see if they’re overpaying.”


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