Martin Lewis says 'Google You Owe Us' ruling is "hugely significant for consumer protection"

The ‘Google You Owe Us’ campaign has been given a new lease of life after a judgement today overturned a High Court ruling, which last year blocked group litigation against Google. The campaign group alleges that between June 2011 and February 2012, Google wrongfully obtained the personal information of potentially millions of iPhone users.

Martin Lewis, founder of and member of the Google You Owe Us campaign advisory committee*, said: “While this is just one step in the path towards redress for owners of iPhones back in 2011 and 2012, this Court of Appeal ruling is hugely significant for consumer protection. 

“The UK has never really had class actions like those across the Atlantic. We’ve only really seen mass consumer redress in highly regulated sectors – like finance, where there is a non-court authority that can dictate what must happen – or in rare cases where there is a specific law enabling it.

“Yet here, the Court has allowed a team of lawyers and campaigners to sue Google on behalf of the possibly millions whose data they say is affected – and in doing so it is likely to open the door to other similar actions. And with such an imbalance between the power, weight and wealth of big business and individual consumers, that is welcome.

“Of course, none of this means that in this specific case, payouts will come, just that the argument about whether they should or shouldn’t can be heard.”


Notes to editors

* The advisory committee for this campaign acts as a sounding board to represent the views of the individuals affected.