AI say, AI say, AI say: Martin Lewis & MSE launch revolutionary new ChatGPT money tool

It answers financial questions trained on MSE’s trusted, award-winning information

Today, MoneySavingExpert (MSE) launches a revolutionary new free artificial intelligence tool designed to help people with their money queries. MSE ChatGPT is a new version of the chatbot, powered by the UK’s biggest consumer website’s expertise and independent journalism, that allows you to get answers to your money-saving questions.

MSE is by far the UK’s biggest help site. Founded in 2003 by Martin Lewis CBE, it’s used by many millions of UK consumers each week due to its direct, detailed, but informal explanations of financial help. This experimental new tool, initially launched within the MSE app, hopes to take that on another step.

It harnesses the powerful capabilities of ChatGPT2, to give auto-generated yet personalised answers to your money questions. Yet crucially the primary information source will be MSE itself – searching through its guides, blogs and information on a weekly basis to offer a concise and speedy answer – ensuring you get information you can trust.

Martin Lewis, founder of MoneySavingExpert, said: "This is the latest step in MSE’s pioneering history of helping consumers cut their bills and fight for financial justice. When I launched MSE in 2003, people told me 'nobody wants a money website with a face on it'. I disagreed, I thought people wanted the personal touch, so they know where the info is coming from. And I hope this new tool is the start of the next generation of bespoke help.

"When I asked the team to build it, my aim was to solve two problems. The first is with ChatGPT itself. It answers beautifully and is great for writing a best man's speech. Yet it's unsourced and can get things wrong, so it's dangerous to trust it for answers, especially on your finances. And the info's outdated, it's often answering from an internet sweep from 2021.

"The second is with MSE. People often say that there’s too much information, they struggle to find what they want and they tell me "can’t you just tell me the answer?". Well, my hope is ChatGPT will enable us to do just that.

"Of course, it’s early days, we've worked hard and fast just to get it to this point, yet like main ChatGPT it isn't perfect.  We strongly advise users to see as a jumping off point for the information, but then use the main human-written guides to get the full info before acting on it. In time, though, it may well be transformative for how people understand finances."

How does MSE ChatGPT work

  • Ask MSE ChatGPT a question about saving money, and it will scan the entirety of MSE’s website to formulate an answer.
  • You can then refine your query, and ask follow-up questions to get more information.
  • You can rate the quality of the tool’s answers, which learns from every interaction to improve its answers for the future.
  • The tool doesn’t give product recommendations – it’s best used for 'How do I' questions, rather than ‘What is the best’.

MSE ChatGPT can be used in the free MSE App, available on both Apple’s App Store3 and Google’s Play Store4 for Android.


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Notes to editors


  1. This is the first personal finance information chatbot we’re aware of.
  2. MSE ChatGPT is MSE’s information, being read and processed by the ChatGPT API to be the primary source of answers.
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  4. Download from