Martin Lewis reacts to the Governments ‘long overdue’ response to the Online Advertising Programme – stating it’s ‘not perfect’ but is glad 'we’re finally taking the first steps’

In its long-awaited response to the Online Advertising Programme, the Government confirmed it will introduce legislation to force more parties in the online advertising supply chain, such as intermediaries, to tackle scams and fraud in online advertising. Measures that could be introduced include making it harder for criminals to access this supply chain, speeding up how platforms detect and remove scam ads and report suspicious activity to regulators. 

Reacting to the news this morning, Martin Lewis identifies the two actions that need to be taken to stop the epidemic of scams in the UK.

Martin Lewis, founder of, whose face and name is used in more scam adverts than anyone else, said: "The UK has been suffering an epidemic of scams for at least six years. The lax regulation has been a fraudster's charter, letting criminals get away with defrauding 100,000s people with seeming impunity – even when it's via widespread paid advertising which the world's biggest tech companies profit from. 

"Two things need to happen. First, far more policing resources need to be put in to catching the criminals committing the UK's biggest crime. Second, we need to deny them the oxygen of publicity, by stopping all the ads. 

"I've been shouting, lobbying and suing about this for years, so today's very long overdue government response to the Online Advertising Programme is very welcome when joined with the advertising provisions of the Online Safety Bill. It's not perfect, the speed which firms will be required to act on scam ads needs tightening up, but at least we're finally taking the first steps."

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