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Two Together Railcard to cut train fares for couples and friends

3 March 2014

The Two Together Railcard allows two people travelling together to save a third on train fares

Rail commuters face fare hikes – but you can beat the rises

13 August 2013

Cash-strapped commuters face regulated rail fares rises of 4.1% on average in England next year

Rail users told full extent of train fare hikes

6 December 2012

Commuters have today been told of the full scale of train price rises that come into effect next month

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Older News Stories

16 December 2011

Beat the train fares hike: some must buy by Monday

Prices rise on 2 January but some passengers only have until this Monday to benefit from the current, lower rates

23 November 2010

Train fares to rise by 6.2% in January

Travellers face mid-winter misery in January as rail fares will rise by the inflation-busting figure

26 August 2010

The train firms that charge evening peak fares from 3pm

Some rail operators levy peak rates well outside busy travel times to boost revenue, it is claimed

26 March 2010

Rail strike: your rights if your train is cancelled

Anyone hit by next month's rail walkout will get their money back or be able to take a later service

6 January 2010

Bad weather chaos: your pay and travel rights

The cold snap is affecting much of our daily routines. Here, we answer many of your questions on protecting your pocket

16 November 2009

Rail fares to rise in January

Some will see costs drop but rail fares will rise by 1.1% on average in January, it was announced today

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