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Car insurance prices set to rise 10% this year, following 2014 drop

20 January 2015

The AA says the cost of insurance fell over the last three months, but warns current lows may be as good as it gets

Young drivers save on car insurance thanks to telematics

13 January 2015

Car insurance prices may be rising, but the use of pay-as-you-drive schemes is helping young drivers keep costs down

Further supermarket petrol price cuts bring RAC's predicted £1 a litre closer

5 January 2015

Asda and Morrisons will cut petrol prices at all forecourts by up to 2p/litre from tomorrow

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31 December 2014

Big four supermarkets to cut petrol prices again on New Year's Day

Petrol prices at Asda and Morrisons will be cut by 2p/litre from New Year's Day, so hold off until then if possible

23 December 2014

Government pledges £6 billion to fix roads 'blighted by potholes'

Local councils in England are to get a near-£6 billion fund to fight potholes over the next six years

17 December 2014

TfL to tackle bogus congestion charge websites

Congestion charges payments made by unofficial copycat websites can now be refused by TfL

30 October 2014

Applying or renewing your driving licence? Wait until tomorrow if you can

Motorists needing to renew a driving photocard or apply for a provisional licence should wait till tomorrow as fees drop

1 October 2014

Drivers struggle to renew road tax online

The DVLA's website has struggled to cope as thousands went online to try and renew their road tax

23 June 2014

Do you know your second-hand car's history? Beware logbook loans

If you're looking to buy a second-hand car, you may be at risk of unwittingly inheriting debts from the previous owner

23 June 2014

Government to ban CCTV parking 'spy cars'

The Government is clamping down on trigger-happy parking wardens and banning CCTV 'spy cars'

12 June 2014

Car insurance: Competition watchdog wants courtesy car charge cap

The competition watchdog wants to cap the cost of insurers providing courtesy cars in a bid to reduce motor premiums

23 October 2013

Petrol prices: New road signs will compare service station costs

Signs on motorways will compare petrol prices at different service stations, the Government says

9 July 2013

FCA to study add-on insurance policies, including extended warranties

The Financial Conduct Authority is reviewing the sale of add-on insurance for items such as cars, TVs and phones

14 June 2013

Driving licence warning: Keep it up to date or face £1,000 fine

Motorists face fines of up to £1,000 for out-of-date information on their driving licence – so check yours now

14 March 2013

Used car dealers draw biggest complaints

Citizens Advice received 45,000 complaints about used cars bought from independent dealers in the year to Feb

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