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Beware split tariff mobile contracts if you're about to apply for credit

17 October 2014

If you're planning to buy a latest model phone from O2, be aware that you'll actually be taking out a loan

Water bills to be added to credit reports

18 February 2013

Paying water bills on time could help you get a credit card or mortgage, as Yorkshire Water accounts will be tracked

Missed rent payments could cost you a loan or mortgage

7 January 2013

In the coming months, late rent payments could appear on your credit file, which lenders use to assess applications

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Older News Stories

15 December 2011

Noddle to offer free credit reports

Consumers can now get permanently free access to their credit report, which can indicate likely acceptance for credit

22 July 2011

Guest Comment: Why should we pay for OUR credit reports?

Tom Ilube, from Callcredit, explains the importance of credit files and whether other firms will embrace free reports

16 June 2011

Consumers to get free credit reports from Callcredit

The service will allow consumers to view a report when they like, but Callcredit is the smallest of the three agencies

13 January 2011

Millions won't get advertised rates as EU weakens protection

The commitment lenders make to offer the best card and loan deals to at least 66% of accepted customers will fall to 51%

14 July 2010

Experian admits online credit report delays

Consumers trying to view their credit file have complained of being unable to do so instantly, despite new access rules

12 July 2010

Credit report snapshot now available online

Consumers can now get web access to their statutory report from all three agencies within minutes

16 March 2010

Equifax unveils online statutory credit reports

The move, which other agencies are compelled to copy, follows government guidelines announced yesterday

27 October 2009

Credit application system is flawed, MPs told

Borrowers are missing out on the top deals and paying too much, consumer groups, including MSE, warned today

10 September 2009

Barclaycard pre-application check to prevent credit woe

The card giant can now assess your chances of success before applying which can prevent damage to your credit record

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