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Hit by floods or storms? Tips for insurance and travel problems

13 February 2014

Storms have battered home and left tens of thousands of homes remain without power. We explains your rights

Boost your coffers for 2014: Reclaim PPI, council tax and more

3 January 2014 is urging you to check now if you're owed cash due to mis-selling, poor service or something else

UK storms: Your home insurance and travel delay rights

24 December 2013

Thousands of homes are without power and Christmas travel across the UK has been disrupted by storms

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Older News Stories

19 December 2013

Flight delay compensation changes move closer

The European Union's Transport Committee has backed 600 amendments to existing rules on air passenger rights

11 December 2013

Been hit by flight delays? Check your rights to refunds or compensation

Many passengers have had flights delayed or cancelled over the past week. explains your rights

5 November 2013

British Airways' hand luggage-only fares: Do they beat Easyjet and Ryanair?

BA rolled out cut-price hand luggage-only fares last month, but are they cheaper than budget giants Easyjet and Ryanair?

4 November 2013

Ryanair to charge £5 to pick a seat as it ends free-for-all

Ryanair's free-for-all seating policy is to be scrapped from next February

15 October 2013

Delayed by Easyjet check-in glitch? Check if you can claim compensation

Easyjet passengers have been hit by flight delays and cancellations after the budget airline's check-in system failed

15 October 2013

Petrol price falls help inflation slip down

Inflation dropped to 3.2% last month as petrol prices fell, the Office of National Statistics says

9 October 2013

British Airways extends hand luggage-only fares to all short-haul flights

British Airways is rolling out cut-price hand luggage-only fares across its entire short-haul network

30 September 2013

Flight delay compensation: Know your rights after Thomson defeated in court

If you've suffered a long delay on a flight, don't be deterred by airlines stonewalling your claim for compensation

11 September 2013

British Airways extends cheaper hand luggage-only fares to Heathrow

The airline says passengers can save £10 each way on flights from Heathrow and London City

4 September 2013

Ryanair plans fare cuts this winter

Ryanair says it will be reducing flight schedules and cutting fares this winter after seeing its profit hopes dented

16 August 2013

Flight delay compensation: It's an airline lottery for passengers can reveal huge differences between airlines' approaches to paying flight delay compensation

26 July 2013

Flight delay compensation: More could claim thanks to new guidelines

More passengers could be able to successfully claim compensation for flight delays, after new guidelines were issued

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