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Energy switching times to be cut in half

21 April 2014

Energy customers will be able to switch providers in two and a half weeks by the end of 2014, the Govt says

Refunds for 1990s students after loan company blunder

17 April 2014

58,000 former students with loans from the 1990s are getting refunds or having money wiped from their debts

Urgent stamp duty rebate - are you due up to 1,500?

17 April 2014

Up to 300,000 homeowners who bought a property in a 'disadvantaged' area over the past decade could reclaim up to 1,500

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10 April 2014

Student loans: Graduates deserve truth about what goes on credit files

People who defer students loans taken out between 1990 and 1998 will have this information added to their credit files

4 April 2014

New rules to protect people from bailiffs take effect

Bailiffs are to be banned from entering homes at night and from using physical force against debtors under new laws

3 April 2014

Pensioners to get 25 a week state pension boost

Pensioners will be able to buy top-ups of as much as 25 in extra state pension per week from autumn next year

1 April 2014

Payday lenders must comply with new rules from today

The FCA promises 'tough and decisive action' against payday lenders that do not follow its strict new rules

1 April 2014

Council tax to be replaced by new brick tax

Millions of households face higher bills after documents leaked to MoneySavingExpert reveal plans for a new brick tax

27 March 2014

Over 74? You could be owed backdated energy bill cash

Some could be eligible to claim Winter Fuel Payments for 1997/98, 1998/99 and 1999/2000 - but you need to claim now

26 March 2014

SSE freezes prices until 2016 but you can still fix energy costs for less

Scottish and Southern Energy is to freeze household gas and electricity prices until at least January 2016

24 March 2014

Payday loans: Government ignores calls to ban kids' TV ads

The Government has rebuffed's calls to ban payday loan adverts from children's TV

19 March 2014

Budget 2014: Tobacco duty goes up, but a penny off a pint of beer

Smokers will be hit by higher prices but the price of beer falls by 1p, while cider and whiskey are frozen

18 March 2014

Three makes calling 0800 numbers free if you get a new contract

Mobile provider Three is making calls to 0800, 0808 and 0500 numbers free

17 March 2014

Banks pledge to provide data that may help you find your perfect current account

A new agreement between the government and major banks could help consumers find a better current account

12 March 2014

How should consumer complaints be handled? The Government wants to know

Plans to give consumers greater access to ways of solving disputes over goods and services have been outlined

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