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Payday lenders to share real-time information on borrowers

15 January 2014

Payday lenders are to use an information sharing service on consumers' borrowing habits to help improve loan decisions

Rent payments on credit files 'should help tenants'

11 November 2013

A new scheme to put rent payments on credit files will start next year, understands

Rogue letting agents face Government crackdown

17 October 2013

Letting and property management agents will be forced to join a redress scheme and sign up to a tenants' charter

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Older News Stories

12 September 2013

Do you rent your home? You can switch energy supplier and save

If you live in rented accommodation and pay energy bills, you should know you can switch suppliers just like homeowners

10 September 2013

Letting agents must be upfront about fees, ad watchdog says

Letting agents have to be up-front about fees in ads for rental properties, says the Advertising Standards Authority

5 September 2013

Student rent costs soar by 8.5%

Student rent prices have soared by 8.5% in the past year, with the average price of a room now reaching £357 per month

19 July 2013

Rents freeze as more people opt to buy homes

Rents across England and Wales stayed the same between May and June as mortgages become more easily available

18 July 2013

MPs call for tougher letting rules

'Cowboy' letting agents who behave badly and charge rip-off fees must face tougher sanctions, MPs have urged

12 June 2013

Letting agency fees 'truly out of control'

Tenants are having to go without food and heating to cover 'out of control' letting agency costs, says Shelter

15 March 2013

Cost of renting a home falls slightly

Private rents in England and Wales fell for the fourth month in a row in February - but by just 0.1%

14 March 2013

Tenants 'forced to use payday loans' to beat rent hikes

Shelter says renters are resorting to payday loans and dipping into their children's savings to hang onto their homes

15 February 2013

Rents slip as more first time buyers get mortgages

Private rents dropped for the third consecutive month in January as increased mortgage availability eased pressure

14 February 2013

OFT wants crackdown on surprise letting charges

The regulator is calling for a number of changes to be made to make sure tenants and landlords aren't ripped off

7 January 2013

Missed rent payments could cost you a loan or mortgage

In the coming months, late rent payments could appear on your credit file, which lenders use to assess applications

3 December 2012

Landlords plan rent freezes in 2013

Nearly two-thirds of landlords are planning a rent freeze in 2013, a survey shows

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