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Planning an eBay sale? Act now as fees are set to rise

12 August 2014

eBay fees for upgraded listing services such as 'gallery plus' and subtitles will rise from 14 August

Got a Kiddicare gift card? Spend it now as stores get set to close

29 July 2014

If you've a Kiddicare gift card, spend it now as the retailer's confirmed it's shutting all but one of its stores

500,000 moved from rewards credit cards to Barclaycard Freedom

11 July 2014

Customers with a reward credit card from the likes of BHS, Orange and Thomas Cook have all been moved to Barclaycard

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Older News Stories

8 July 2014

Should you call your bank before going abroad?

When you use your card to make purchases abroad, it can mean you display an abnormal spending pattern

1 July 2014

Lingerie chain La Senza goes into administration again

Lingerie chain La Senza has gone into administration for the second time in two years, but its stores will stay open

13 June 2014

Shopping online or by phone? Your consumer rights are now boosted

Shoppers now have more protection when buying goods and services and greater rights when things go wrong

29 May 2014

Shop online at Office? Change your password after security breach

Office says hackers have accessed the personal information of customers who opened accounts before August 2013

21 May 2014

eBay cyber-attack: Change your passwords, auction site warns users

eBay is urging customers to change their passwords after information including names and phone numbers were accessed

9 May 2014

Planning a big eBay sale? Beat new charges and do it this weekend

From Tuesday eBay is changing its insertion fee, so if you've got lots of items to sell, you should do it now

2 May 2014

Shopping online at Next? It could hurt your credit rating

If you're buying online from Next for the first time, beware a threat to your chances of getting a loan or mortgage

1 April 2014

Aldi shoppers charged twice: Check your statement now

Some shoppers at Aldi have paid double following a technical error with the supermarket's payment system

19 March 2014

Budget 2014: Tobacco duty goes up, but a penny off a pint of beer

Smokers will be hit by higher prices but the price of beer falls by 1p, while cider and whiskey are frozen

12 March 2014

How should consumer complaints be handled? The Government wants to know

Plans to give consumers greater access to ways of solving disputes over goods and services have been outlined

11 February 2014

Consumer Rights Bill will boost rights but it's too complex, Martin Lewis says

The draft Consumer Rights Bill doesn't address how consumers can enact their rights, Martin Lewis says

22 January 2014

Amazon closes free delivery loophole – but you can still beat the charges

Amazon shoppers can no longer get free postage on goods under £10 delivered to home, but there are ways to get around it

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