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Ombudsman Services gives shoppers new avenue for retail complaints

21 May 2015

Shoppers can now get legally binding decisions on retail complaints from the Ombudsman Services

Mighty Deals again leaves customers in the lurch over Tesco offer

18 May 2015

Mighty Deals has for a third time made a hash of a deal in which customers paid 5 to get a 10 Tesco gift card

Mighty Deals backtracks again after angering users for second time in days

14 May 2015

Mighty Deals admits it incorrectly told over 1,600 shoppers they couldn't get a Tesco offer after it unsubscribed them

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13 May 2015

Got Tesco Clubcard vouchers? Double the value from Monday

Tesco users double vouchers to spend on 12 categories online and in-store, including gaming, travel and electricals

12 May 2015

Mighty Deals backtracks after imposing restrictions on Tesco offer

Customers of Mighty Deals no longer have to spend an extra 5 to get a 10 Tesco gift card

1 May 2015

Amazon doubles free delivery threshold after days of confusion

Amazon has finally confirmed it's increased the minimum spend for free delivery from 10 to 20

29 April 2015

Amazon denies doubling free delivery threshold, but some shoppers report it costing more

Some Amazon shoppers report the minimum spend for free delivery increasing to 20

24 April 2015

Tesco shopper? Beware buying or selling Clubcard vouchers on eBay

Tesco Clubcard users who buy or sell vouchers could have their account or points cancelled if found out

26 March 2015

Consumer rights are changing: MSE asks Jo Swinson what's happening

The new Consumer Rights Bill, which comes into force on 1 October, has been given Royal Assent by the Queen today

18 March 2015

Cheaper spending, hotels, car hire and more: 10 tips to cut European holiday costs

This time last year 1 bought 1.19, now it's about 1.40 the highest since 2007 - so things will seem much cheaper

10 March 2015

'Just got my Amazon Prime 79 back': Find out if you can do the same

MoneySavingExpert has been inundated with success stories from shoppers who've got a refund for unwanted Amazon Prime

10 March 2015

EU agrees card charges shake-up, but will shoppers pay less and could it limit future credit card deals?

The European Parliament has voted to cap debit and credit card transaction fees, but will the savings be passed on?

4 March 2015

Amazon Prime 'free trial' ad banned

An offer of a "free trial" of Amazon's Prime delivery service has been banned by the ASA

3 March 2015

12 things they don't want you to know

A company's job is to make money, nowt wrong with that, but here's a dirty dozen tricks to turn the system around

3 March 2015

Buy Zara clothes at a fraction of the cost

If you're one of the millions planning a trip to Spain at some point this summer, stop shopping at Zara UK right now

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