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Refunds for 1990s students after loan company blunder

17 April 2014

58,000 former students with loans from the 1990s are getting refunds or having money wiped from their debts

Student loans: Graduates deserve truth about what goes on credit files

10 April 2014

People who defer students loans taken out between 1990 and 1998 will have this information added to their credit files

Change graduation debt rules, universities told

18 February 2014

Universities have been told to change debt rules which could stop students from graduating or continuing their courses

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Older News Stories

25 November 2013

Government sells £900m of 1990s student loans

About 250,000 mortgage-style student loans have been sold to a debt management firm by the Government

20 November 2013

Car insurance quote too good to be true? Watch it's not a ghost broker

'Ghost brokers' are targeting young drivers and anyone with expensive premiums, insurers and police warn

16 October 2013

Guest comment: 'Want to study part time? Don't let finance myths stop you'

Nicola Dandridge from Universities UK highlights the continued need to dispel myths surrounding student finance

30 September 2013

Student loans are not big enough

The amount students are given to live off risks failing to cover the basics

5 September 2013

Student rent costs soar by 8.5%

Student rent prices have soared by 8.5% in the past year, with the average price of a room now reaching £357 per month

12 July 2013

NatWest and RBS hike overdraft charges from today

NatWest and RBS have today reduced the buffer from which they start charging for dipping into an authorised overdraft

10 June 2013

Payday loan ads should be banned from universities, NUS says

The NUS has launched a campaign urging colleges and universities to ban advertising by payday lenders on campuses

16 April 2013

Student loan rates may drop after inflation rises

Inflation rose to 3.3% last month but it means a number of students and graduates will be charged less interest on loans

13 December 2012

Lack of financial education costs UK £3.4 billion a year

A year after 100,000 forced a parliamentary debate on the issue, a new CEBR study shows the huge cost

21 November 2012

Parents' anger over tuition fees U-turn

MPs who broke a tuition fees pledge not to raise costs, shouldn't stand for re-election, reveals a new poll

13 November 2012

Largest inflation jump in two-and-a-half years

The Retail Prices Index measure of the rise in the cost of living rose to 3.2% in October from 2.6% in September

20 September 2012

Students still confused by new loans system

Students are stumped by the new university tuition fees and loans system coming in this month, new research shows

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