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uSwitch is one of the UK's biggest comparison websites. Here's the latest uSwitch news from Money Saving Expert.

Energy prices still heading up despite Government action, experts say

6 February 2014

Energy firms have promised to freeze prices after the Government cut green levies, but prices are set to rise long-term

Beware mobile roaming charges in non-EU European countries

29 May 2013

Many holidaymakers aren't sure which countries are in the EU, leaving them facing hefty mobile phone bills

Energy prices: 'The only way is up'

28 May 2013

Households should prepare for energy price hikes, not just over the coming year, but over the next five years too

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Older News Stories

9 April 2013

One in five households 'owe energy firms cash'

The number of families in debt to their energy supplier is rising, says uSwitch

22 February 2013

Half of consumers 'don't trust their energy firm'

Some 50% do not trust gas and electricity suppliers, and 45% trusted them less than two years ago

27 September 2012

Eon simplifies its energy tariffs

Eon has cut the number of tariffs it offers to make it more attractive for consumers looking to switch provider

22 August 2012

Urgent! Fix now to beat today's 9% energy hikes

The 10 things EVERYONE needs know to beat hikes while you can, as new round of price rises begin

27 July 2012

Broadband speeds up across UK

Broadband speeds have risen across the UK, but one in five postcodes still suffer from super-slow service

17 July 2012

New Scottish Power tariff could spark energy price war

Scottish Power has launched the cheapest dual fuel tariff on the market, which uSwitch says could start a price war

31 May 2012

Millions wasting money on mobiles

Pay monthly users are throwing away cash by not using their inclusive minutes, says research

30 May 2012

Poorest 'to switch heating off' if energy bills keep rising

Household energy bills will break the 1,500 a year barrier by 2015 if pricing trends continue, says uSwitch

18 May 2012

Power prices now UK consumers' biggest worry

Energy costs are now the top financial worry for most Britons ahead of rising food and mortgage repayments, says survey

11 May 2012

Co-operative Energy to supply the Which? 'Big Switch'

Co-operative Energy has won the Big Switch auction, but it's not offering the cheapest deal on the market

15 March 2012

Will the energy big guns follow Ovo's price rise?

Ovo has bucked the trend of falling gas and electric prices by announcing up to 90,000 of its customers face rises

24 January 2012

Households on cheap fixed energy plans 'are winners'

Households who took out a cheap fixed price energy deal last summer are likely to be quids in despite recent price cuts

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