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The MoneySaving Forum: join to chat & swap tips with other MoneySavers. Learn how in the Forum Introduction Guide

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The Forum is a social network where users discuss bargains and consumer issues, free from people trying to sell you things.

It's an amazing place with a huge wealth of helpful info and friendly people. But remember it's open to all, content isn't officially checked out by MSE and anyone can post on it.

In April 2015 we launched a new Forum design. If you joined the Forum before then you have the choice of using either the old green or new blue version. If you joined after you are on the new blue version.

This Forum Introduction Guide video below is a guide to the old green Forum. A new guide is in the pipeline. Meanwhile, this discussion is here for reference for any forum users still using the old green version.

Watch the Forum introduction guide

Millions read the Forum and 100,000s post the equivalent of 30+ paperback books on it every day. With 150 boards and sub-boards it's a wealth of information with a huge community of MoneySavers, including...

So now you've decided to join up and join in, watch our introductory video below. You'll learn how to register completely free, ask a question, send a private message and much more.

Remember, though, forumites mustn't do anything to spoil others' enjoyment of the site. Please exercise caution, do your own research and report any post or private message (PM) that you feel is inappropriate, illegal or offensive to

Please read and stick to the forum rules

To keep the Forum a pleasant place to discuss MoneySaving we have an over-arching set of Forum Rules. Please read them carefully before joining.