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National numeracy: Take the challenge

You use numbers every day without even realising it - when you're making sure the cashier's given you the right change, trying to find the cheapest mobile deal or weighing out the ingredients for a Bake Off-worthy cake. Being good with your numbers can make it easier to save and make the most of your money, so why not take the National Numeracy challenge?

This guide is no longer updated. For more on numeracy, see our financial education guides.

But I'm rubbish with numbers… Loads of people aren’t confident with their numbers – in fact, most people wish they could get better.

The good news is that your number skills are something that CAN be improved, with a little practice. Some people think that maths skills are something that you’re born with, or that if you struggled at school then you’re doomed to never get better. But that just isn’t the case.

OK but where can I practise my maths? The National Numeracy challenge is a free, informal and confidential service which helps you practise and improve your maths.

The challenge begins with a quiz which takes about half an hour. By the end of the quiz you’ll know your numeracy level. It is based on everyday examples of maths, like comparing the prices of items in a shop, so you don’t need to worry about the tricky sorts of equations you remember from school. No matter your starting point, the challenge will help you get to the point where numbers add up.

You’ll need to create an account with National Numeracy so they can give you tailored support to get your maths where you want it to be. The encouraging approach of the challenge shows you maths isn’t anything to be scared of, and that it can even be a great deal of fun.

The challenge is mobile friendly and you can use it on any device connected to the internet, so there’s no reason to not give it a whirl.

What exactly is National Numeracy? It is a charity which helps people improve their numeracy in the UK. MoneySavingExpert rose awareness of the National Numeracy challenge as part of a joint project with National Numeracy in 2017. 

National Numeracy received funding for its involvement in the project by the Money Advice Service’s What Works Fund, which supported projects which improve people’s financial capabilities. MoneySavingExpert did not receive any money from the What Works Fund for its participation.

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