Retail giants Currys and PC World are offering up to £100 off a new computer if you trade in an old laptop.

Under the scheme, which started today and lasts until at least 8 December, buyers must offload a working model to get the discount from the sister companies (see the Cheap Online Shopping and MegaShopBot guides).

However, anyone thinking of picking up a new laptop should not necessarily be drawn in by the seemingly-attractive offer.

Consider whether you could get more for an old laptop elsewhere and ensure you are buying your chosen model at the lowest-possible price.

What equipment can I scrap?

You can offload an old laptop, but not a desktop computer or netbook (a mini laptop), though it must be in good working order, and without any significant cosmetic damage.

In addition, it must have a CD/DVD drive, an operating system (such as Windows), a charger and a battery, and it must not be password locked.

It must also have one of the processors listed on the PC World website.

While these conditions sounds restrictive, as long as it works well and looks OK, Currys and PC World say most laptops bought in the past seven years will fit these criteria.

What can I buy?

You can get the discount on any new laptop, desktop or netbook.

What discounts will I get?

The exact amount depends on the product you are buying.

  • If you are buying a new laptop or desktop worth under £499 you will get £70 off the new model.
  • If it's worth £499 or more you will get £100 off. This means, in some cases, it will be cheaper to buy a laptop with a higher advertised price.
  • If you're buying a netbook you will only save £30 by scrapping an old machine.

How much would I get for my old laptop elsewhere?

This depends where else you try.

We sourced a few quotes from, which takes unwanted electrical goods from you in return for cash.

Generally speaking, we found lesser quality computers, especially where the processor is basic, yielded far less than the £70 Currys and PC World offer.

But more advanced models beat the cash on offer from the pair, in some cases. For example:

What weeebuy pays for old laptops
Make Basic processor Advanced processor
Acer £55 £75
Dell £55 £60
Sony £40 £80
Based on specific search. Weeebuy doesn't specify model. Prices may vary depending on laptop condition.

You can often get even more by selling your computer via Ebay but this involves more effort (see the eBay Buying Secrets guide).

When does the deal end?

The offer lasts until at least 8 December but may be extended, depending on demand.

Can I use the discount online?

This is mainly an in-store offer. You can order online but you must choose to collect your computer from an outlet.

How do I scrap the equipment?

You must physically take it to a Currys or PC World store to grab the discount.

Is the scheme worth it?

It all depends on the computer you want and the laptop you are selling. To find out, follow these steps:

  • Step 1. First, get the price from Currys or PC World for your chosen computer, factoring in the discount.
  • Step 2. Use a price comparison site such as or to find the cheapest place to buy your chosen model elsewhere and find out how much you could get for your old laptop at sites such as or Ebay. You may also get a greater discount clicking to your chosen retailer via a cashback site (see the Top Cashback Sites guide).
  • Step 3. Compare the two results and plump for the best option.

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