Tesco Clubcard customers can double the value of their rewards to spend on some non-food items at the supermarket for the next four weeks, under a scheme that launches on Monday 8 November.

We've been tipped-off by the supermarket giant that the scheme, branded the Big Clubcard Voucher Exchange (but specifically referred to as the 'Big Christmas Exchange' this time around), will be virtually identical to the temporary double-up schemes introduced in May 2009 and August this year, where shoppers only need to earn half the usual number of points to buy applicable products until 5 December (see the Loyalty Points Boosting guide).

Importantly, you'll still be able to redeem normal Clubcard vouchers for what Tesco calls 'Rewards vouchers' to use at non-Tesco retailers, which effectively quadruples their value (from 6 December it will only triple their value). This may be a better bet for many.

How do I double my vouchers' value?

Where 500 Clubcard points would normally get you a £5 voucher to spend, from Monday you can convert that coupon into special 'Rewards tokens', as Tesco calls them (as opposed to Rewards vouchers on non-Tesco items), worth £10.

This can be be done in store (excluding Tesco Express), at a special sign-posted desk, where the assistant will exchange them for a Rewards token which looks like a till receipt. Alternatively, if you plan on spending the vouchers online, the exchange can be done online.

You can only exchange multiples of £5 or £10 of vouchers for Rewards tokens. Any change from the exchange will be credited to your Clubcard account in points; for instance, if you have two £7 vouchers, worth £14, you can convert £10 of that into a £20 token with the remaining £4 (400 points) credited back to your account.

You can exchange any unused voucher you've been saving (see the Loyalty Points Checker Tool to value your Clubcard points).

What can I use the Rewards tokens on?

Every £5 in normal vouchers can be exchanged for a £10 token that can be used on:

  • Toys
  • Clothing
  • Baby and toddler
  • Opticians
  • Electrical (selected)
  • Beauty and fragrance
  • Flowers and plants

In addition, normal £10 vouchers can be exchanged for £20 to spend on:

  • Artificial Christmas trees and lights
  • Finest wine and champagne
  • Bedroom
  • DIY
  • Computers
  • Phones and accessories

There are plenty of exclusions so check online from Monday or with staff before exchanging your vouchers.

Any number of Rewards tokens can be used in a transaction.

Is there a deadline?

Standard vouchers can only be converted to Rewards tokens until 5 December which will only be valid to spend until that date.

Can I get change from the Rewards tokens?

No. The cost of the products purchased must equal or exceed the value of the Rewards tokens used so you'll need to pay any remainder yourself.

Does the Clubcard scheme change otherwise?

  • Earning points. The revamp does not affect the way you collect points, where you usually earn two points per £1 spent at Tesco.

    Technically, this is a promotion instead of the usual one point per pound, though Tesco says there is no end date for the double points.

  • Spending points. You'll still be able to quadruple the value of points for a few weeks by exchanging normal vouchers for Rewards vouchers that can be used at non-Tesco retailers on days out, eating out, reading material, travel and more.

    However, from 6 December, the exchange value falls to three times the value.

    There are no other changes to the way you spend vouchers.

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