About 500 consumers who sold old CDs, DVDs and computer games to gadget buying firm TurnIntoCash.com have been told they should get their missing money in the next few weeks.

Many unhappy sellers have taken to our forum to complain they had not received their money, in some cases, almost four months after sending their items.

Many tried to flog their unwanted music, films and games for cash after we featured the site in our weekly email in November.

TurnIntoCash blames unprecedented demand for the delays as it has been unable to cope with the number of sellers using its service.

It says the backlog is about 500-600 people now.

The site's founder Rob Fox told us today: "We are desperately working through the back-log and we are sorry about it.

"It is down to the sheer volume as we had about 15 to 20 times the number of people through the door than we expected.

"We can't guarantee when people will be paid but it will be weeks, not months."

What can you do about it?

You can either wait for your money or report the company to Trading Standards if you believe it is acting unreasonably.