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Olympics knockers start cheering as support hits 87%

Guy Anker
Guy Anker
Deputy Editor & Head of Operations
11 August 2012

Olympics fever and Team GB's phenomenal success has led to a complete U-turn in public attitude as the vast majority of the nation are now delighted to have the Games in this country, according to a poll.

A whopping 87% of the 21,000 polled in our survey this week said they would NOT press an imaginary 'cancel the Olympics' button. Some 73% said they are loving London 2012.

Unsurprisingly, a greater proportion of those in London (76%) than elsewhere in the UK said they are loving the Olympics. A lower 64% of those who live in Northern Ireland gave the same answer.

When we asked the same question two weeks ago, only 30% of the 26,000 surveyed said they were loving the idea of the Games, and 40% wanted it cancelled.

This came at a time of countless negative headlines around London 2012 centred upon unfounded fears of mass transport chaos and worries about security.

But the feel-good-factor generated by Team GB's multi-gold medal haul and the great atmosphere surrounding the Games has completely transformed people's views.

Look at how people view the Olympics now...

Would you press a 'cancel Olympics' button?

  Overall London / SE-based Rest of England Scotland Wales Northern Ireland
Yes, cancel it 13% 13% 12% 16% 17% 17%
Let the Games happen 14% 12% 14% 18% 15% 19%
No, I'm loving it 73% 76% 74% 66% 68% 64%
21,231 votes between 6 August and 10 August. Figures may not hit 100% due to rounding.

... and compare those results to the poll which began in the week leading up to London 2012.

Would you press a 'cancel Olympics' button?

  Overall London / SE-based Rest of England Scotland Wales Northern Ireland
Yes, cancel it 40% 39% 39% 42% 41% 37%
Let the Games happen 31% 26% 32% 35% 32% 36%
No, I'm looking foward to it 30% 35% 29% 22% 26% 27%
26,088 votes between 24 July and 30 July. Figures may not hit 100% due to rounding.
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