Tesco customers have one last chance to take part in the Clubcard double-up event in store and online next month, as the supermarket chain prepares to unveil wider changes to its loyalty points scheme, MoneySavingExpert can reveal.

Held every few months, Tesco's double-up events (also called 'Boost at Tesco') allow customers to swap multiples of £5 vouchers for £10 tokens, which can be spent on a range of non-food products in store and online.

See our Reclaim and Boost Tesco Vouchers guide for more on how the Tesco Clubcard scheme works.

In a letter being sent to 4.2 million customers this week, Tesco will confirm the double-up event taking place between Monday 16 May and Sunday 26 June will be its last.

The letter says: "We want to make your Tesco Clubcard even better for you, and doing this means we'll be able to bring you great value from your vouchers the whole year round.

It adds: "We're working on some more ways to help your points balance grow faster so you get more value back from Tesco Clubcard on your everyday shop. Keep a look out for special opportunities to earn bonus points in store and online."

A spokesperson for the retailer said customers will hear more about upcoming "opportunities" over the next few months and confirmed that although the double-up events will no longer take place, Tesco will continue to send Clubcard vouchers to customers four times a year.

What are Clubcard vouchers?

Tesco Clubcard is a loyalty scheme that rewards consumers with points for shopping with the retailer.

For every pound a customer spends in store, they receive a point on their Clubcard. Each point is valued at 1p and every three months the total value of the points is calculated and customers are sent vouchers, as long as they have at least 150 points.

These vouchers can then be used in store, or to get money off using the Clubcard Boost with Tesco partners, such as Alton Towers.

What is Boost at Tesco?

The Boost at Tesco event, or double-up as we call it, allows customers to exchange Clubcard vouchers for tokens that can be spent in store or online in certain categories for double their original value.

The minimum amount to exchange a voucher is £5, but this can be made up of smaller vouchers (though you can only exchange vouchers in multiples of £5).

For example, a voucher for £3 and £2.50 could be combined to reach the £5 minimum and doubled to make £10. When there is a remainder – ie, 50p in this example – it is credited back to the Clubcard account.

There is no upper limit on the amount the vouchers can buy.

Will my days out with Clubcard Boost stop?

While Tesco has confirmed this double-up event will be the last, it told MoneySavingExpert that customers will still be able to use their Clubcard vouchers with the partner organisations listed on its website as part of Clubcard Boost.

This allows customers to swap their vouchers for up to four times their value to be spent on restaurants, days out and cinema tickets, among others. See Reclaim and Boost Tesco Vouchers for more information.

What can I buy in the double-up event?

According to Tesco's letter, shoppers will be able to use their double-up vouchers in 11 categories in store and online.

These include:

  • Clothing
  • Electricals
  • Garden and BBQs
  • Toys
  • Travel and camping

Customers can also double their vouchers to use online at Tesco Direct. Products included in the offer will have the 'Boost' logo beside them if included.

Where can I exchange vouchers?

Once you've exchanged your vouchers for tokens, they cannot be changed back, so it's important you make sure you'll definitely use them before converting the points.

Vouchers can be exchanged in all Tesco Superstores, Extra stores and Metro stores, but not Tesco Express. Vouchers exchanged in store can't be used online. If you want to buy products online, you either need to exchange vouchers online on the Tesco Clubcard site, or you need to go to the Tesco Direct desk in store with your Clubcard.

Tesco to hold last-ever Clubcard double-up event in May

Where can I spend tokens?

Tokens can be spent in any Tesco Superstore, Extra store or Metro store where the item you want is in stock, as well as online at Tesco Direct and Tesco Opticians.

You can't exchange or use a token in an Express store, but if you buy online, you can collect your purchase from selected Express stores with 'Click and Collect' desks.

I'm in the 'Christmas Savers' scheme, what does this mean for me?

You've got two options if you use the Christmas Savers scheme, which works by allowing members to top up their Clubcard savings with their own money in store to earn a bonus, eg, a £25 top-up earns a £1.50 bonus.

You can keep saving your vouchers to go towards your Christmas presents and festive food OR you can choose to opt out of the Christmas Savers scheme by 5 May, for your vouchers to be delivered midway through the month – so you can take part in the double-up event starting on 16 May.

I'm in the Christmas Savers scheme, what do I need to do to take part in the May double-up event?

As we've said, you need to opt out of the Christmas Savers scheme by 5 May to take part in the last double-up event next month.

How to opt out:

  • Sign in to or register for 'My Clubcard Account'.
  • Go to 'My Account Details' and select 'Options and Benefits'.
  • Uncheck the box saying 'Christmas Savers'.

Alternatively, you can call 0800 023 4912 or 0330 123 0258.

Tesco will then send you vouchers you've earned in your May statement and then every statement after that.

What happens to the top-up and bonus cash I've put into my Christmas Savers scheme this year if I opt out?

If you opt out of the scheme to take advantage of the last double-up event, Tesco has confirmed that any money you've topped up throughout the year will be given back to you via a Tesco gift card. However, it is important to note that you will no longer receive the bonus money.