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Cap on overdraft charges proposed as banks face calls to promote switching

Current account customers could save an average of £116/year by switching banks, according to the competition watchdog

17 May 2016

Two new prepay energy tariffs offer £100+ in typical annual savings

Some energy customers with prepay meters could save an average of almost £120/year by switching to a new tariff

17 May 2016

High Court rules in favour of dad who took his daughter on holiday in term time

The floodgates could open for more parents to take their children out of school during term time after a landmark ruling

13 May 2016

PPI victims handing over £5bn to claims sharks – reclaim £1,000s yourself for free

Opportunistic claims management companies are siphoning off up to a third of compensation cash paid to consumers

13 May 2016

Google bans payday loan ads to protect users from 'harmful financial products'

Payday lenders will no longer be able to advertise on Google from 13 July

12 May 2016

Warning: TV licence loophole could close this autumn

Viewers who watch the BBC online may have to pay for a TV licence from autumn, amid funding changes

12 May 2016

Further home insurance hikes unlikely, as AA reports recent premium rises

Homeowners will be looking to the skies after being told that further home insurance rises will depend on the weather

12 May 2016

Are you overpaying £330/yr on broadband?

Make big savings with short-lived promo and cashback deals. Plus how to check your broadband's speed and then boost it

11 May 2016

Mega merger between Three and O2 blocked amid price rise concerns

A multi-billion pound merger between O2 and Three has been blocked over concerns about potential customer price rises

11 May 2016

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