The AA has wrongly told customers their passwords have been changed, leaving some fearing their accounts had been compromised.

It's not clear how many customers were sent an email containing the incorrect information, and some have been locked out of their online accounts while the motoring organisation works to fix the problem.

Some MoneySavers who received the email yesterday wrote on the MSE Forum about the confusion, with some claiming they'd been told the email was a fake – though the AA has now said it was an error.

Forumite Doc N posted a copy of the email last night and said: "The email address is a genuine AA address (or appears to be) and the [phone] number's certainly a genuine AA number.

"Either way, this might reassure people that they're not alone in having received this."

Fellow forumite Inkwat added: "Just received this email so you're not the only one, slightly concerned as I can't seem to log in to my AA account either so may have accidentally exposed my password."

What does the AA say?

However, an AA spokesperson today said: "The email was sent [by us] in error. Some customers might not be able to access their accounts temporarily."

They confirmed the emails were not sent as a result of a hack.

The AA's Twitter feed has been flooded with queries too. Here are some of its replies:

We've asked the AA how many customers and which type of accounts were affected. We'll update this story when we have more information.