Millions of new and existing EE mobile customers will be able to bag a free six-month subscription to Apple Music, and listen to tracks without using any of their data allowance. But it's a trial and you'll be charged after the six months are up – so if you don't want to pay, you'll need to diarise to cancel.

The EE offer, available from Wednesday 19 July, allows pay-monthly and Sim-only customers to stream or download Apple Music's 40 million tracks without using data. Apple Music normally costs £9.99/month – though anyone can grab a free three-month trial.

EE already offers a six-month trial to new and upgrading pay-monthly and Sim-only customers, but this will now be extended to all existing mobile customers, except pay-as-you-go users and those who've already had six months' free Apple Music via EE.

While it's a good offer for existing EE customers planning to stay with the network, it's probably not worth switching providers for. See our Free Music Online guide for a full rundown of the best ways to stream music cheaply or for free.

Am I eligible for six months' free Apple Music?

The offer is available to the following EE mobile customers:

  • Sim-only – those on a 30-day rolling contract or 12-month contract that includes a data allowance.
  • Pay monthly – those with a handset contract that includes a data allowance.

You CAN get the deal if you've already had a free Apple Music trial, as long as it wasn't via EE. If you're already paying for Apple Music you can sign up for this and EE will pay your monthly payments for six months.

You won't be eligible for this deal if:

  • As above, you've already had six months' free Apple Music via EE (though if you already have Apple Music you CAN still use the service for six months without using your allowance, if you text STREAM to 150).
  • You're a pay-as-you-go customer.
  • You have an EE contract for a tablet rather than a mobile.
  • You're a T-Mobile or Orange customer.

How to get the offer

You'll be able to get the deal from 19 July. You can:

  • Sign up for it via your MyEE account.
  • Sign up via a text which'll be sent to eligible EE customers on 19 July, or text MUSIC to 150.

You'll then need to download the Apple Music app on Android or iOS.

If you leave EE during the six-month trial you won't be able to continue the free Apple Music trial.

EE to offer more mobile customers six months' free Apple Music
EE is extending its six-month Apple Music trial to existing customers

Don't want to pay? Make sure you cancel before your six months are up

It's important to understand this is a trial, not a no-strings-attached freebie. At the six months' end, your Apple Music subscription will auto-renew at a cost of £9.99/mth and you pay for it via your EE phone bill. You'll also have to enter payment details to have an Apple ID.

EE says it'll send you a reminder of this 30 days before the end of the offer, and another two days before the end. But if you do sign up and don't want to pay, it's worth diarising NOW to cancel, so you don't forget.

You'll be able to cancel your subscription at any point during the six-month offer, and you won't need to give any notice to do so.

How does the free data for Apple Music work?

If you sign up to this offer you'll be able to stream or download from Apple Music anywhere in the UK without using any of your data allowance for the first six months.

You will, however, need some of your data left to be able to access the free data for Apple Music – if you've completely used up your month's allowance, you won't be able to use it.

The free data offer only works within the UK, so it won't work when you're roaming. If you're going abroad, you'll be able to use your Apple Music subscription but any data will come out of your monthly allowance.