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Tesco Clubcard vouchers expiring this month? You'll have an extra six months to use them

Clubcard vouchers which are set to expire this month will now be valid until November due to the coronavirus situation – while customers who have converted vouchers into rewards already have been given more time to use their codes. 

If you have a Clubcard, you earn one point for each pound spent at Tesco. Points are then issued as vouchers – you receive them every three months as part of your Clubcard statement, or can request to have them added to your account instantly through the 'Faster Vouchers' scheme.

Usually, these vouchers are only valid for two years after they're issued, or 21 months if they're issued as Faster Vouchers. But if your vouchers are set to expire in May 2020, you'll now have until 30 November 2020 to redeem them.

If you have a voucher that's due to expire after this month though, there's no change and the current expiry date will still apply.

See our Reclaim & Boost Tesco Vouchers guide for more info on how to get the most from the Clubcard scheme and our Coronavirus Life-in-Lockdown Help guide for more on what supermarkets are doing during the pandemic.

How to check if you've unspent Clubcard vouchers

If you keep your Clubcard vouchers in a safe place and have just lost track of the expiry dates, you can check – it'll say on each one when it's valid until.

But if you've lost your vouchers, or are just unsure if you have any that are unspent, you can check via the Tesco Clubcard site or app. Here's how to do it:

  • To check via the website. Go to the Tesco Clubcard website, select 'My Clubcard' and then 'Vouchers'. You'll need to be registered for a account and must know your Clubcard number, which is printed on Clubcards and Clubcard key fobs.

    You should see a table listing your available vouchers and their expiry dates.

  • To check via the app. Open it up (if you don't have it yet, you can download it for Apple and Android), then go to the 'Vouchers' section.

Once you've found your vouchers, you can spend them online using the code provided – or if you plan to spend in store, you can print the vouchers off or scan the barcode available on the app at checkout.

What if I've already converted my voucher?

While Clubcard vouchers can be spent in store at Tesco, you get the biggest boost to your points' value by redeeming them with one of Tesco's reward partners.

In most cases these are worth three times the value of the voucher, so a £5 voucher will get you £15 in rewards. This is usually sent to you as a reward code, which you'll have six months to use.

But many of these reward partners are restaurants, cinemas and days out – so people are unable to use their codes while businesses are shut and lockdown restrictions are in place.

Tesco says if you've already converted your vouchers for a reward partner code, this will now be valid for 12 months from the original order date – rather than six months as usual.

So if, for example, you swapped your vouchers for a reward code in January, you'll now have until January 2021 to use it – whereas previously you would have needed to use it by July 2020.

Air miles for Avios and Virgin Atlantic Flying Club are excluded from this.

You should already have received an email with a new code and expiry date. If you made your order through the Clubcard app, this should have updated automatically.

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