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Currys PC World customers struggle to get in touch over unfulfilled orders

Currys PC World has apologised after facing a deluge of complaints from customers struggling to get in touch with it about missing orders, returns and repairs.  

Customers have been complaining about delays in receiving their orders, struggles in arranging returns for faulty goods, and difficulties sorting out repairs for goods that are under Currys PC World warranties.

Many of those who have tried to contact the electronics retailer say they've spent hours waiting on the phone and haven't received responses through other channels such as email and live chat. 

After exhausting other methods, angry customers have taken to the company's social media channels to complain, and we've had dozens of reports of similar issues this month alone via Twitter and email. 

Currys PC World has acknowledged it is experiencing delays to its response and delivery times, citing the huge levels of demand during the coronavirus lockdown. 

'I've called 17 times over four weeks and still have no TV'

We've received over 20 emails about problems with Currys PC World during the lockdown period.

One MoneySaver, Jim Brennan, 60, from West Lothian, said he'd never received the mobile phone he'd bought on 18 March, but had been charged £1,145 for it. He said he'd been unable to contact Currys PC World despite spending 10 hours waiting on phone lines and sending numerous messages on social media. 

Another, Lorraine Smith, 57, said her 81-year-old mother had been left without a fridge for five weeks when the model she'd ordered on 27 March failed to arrive. Lorraine eventually ordered her another fridge from a different retailer, but her mum is still waiting to be refunded £260 for the original undelivered item – despite trying to contact Currys PC World numerous times via phone and email. 

And we've also seen floods of complaints on social media: 

I've got a problem with Currys PC World – what can I do?

If you're worried about a missing order or want to arrange a return or repair, Currys PC World is operating its customer service through live chat and via Twitter and Facebook.

You can also phone on 0344 561 1234 (9am-6pm Monday-Friday and 10am-5pm on Sundays). However, the Currys PC World website warns that average wait times are over an hour and phone lines should only be used if it's urgent – and customers have reported waiting several hours when trying to call. 

Currys has acknowledged there have been delays, but says it's working to improve response times and aims to fulfill every order correctly. So if you're happy to wait for your order or refund, it could be worth considering showing 'forbearance' at this time.   

But if you're still having no luck getting a response from Currys PC World and have been left out of pocket by an undelivered or faulty order, you may be able to claim the cash back from your bank through the chargeback scheme if you paid by card. 

Your bank or card provider could agree to a chargeback if you paid for an order that hasn't arrived in the promised time, or if the item was faulty and the retailer won't agree to replace or refund it. 

Remember that you can only start a chargeback claim once you've exhausted all other avenues with the retailer, so you should only do this if you've repeatedly tried to contact Currys PC World and haven't received any response.  

It is also possible for any money paid to you through the chargeback scheme to be 'clawed back' by the retailer if it successfully disputes your claim, so it's worth being aware of this before you attempt to use it. 

There's full info on how the scheme works in our Chargeback guide. And while chargeback is a customer service promise, if the item you bought cost £100+ and was purchased using a credit card, you'll have additional legal protection through Section 75

What does Currys PC World say? 

A Currys PC World spokesperson said: "Due to the high level of demand for vital technology, which keeps customers connected to loved ones, their families fed, clean and entertained, and helps them work from home and home-school children, we are experiencing some delays in our response times and occasionally in the delivery of certain items.

"Through retraining more than 340 of our store colleagues to support our customer service teams who are working from home, we are answering more customers every day and the majority of our customers have a positive experience. We are also working hard with our suppliers and in our distribution centres to make sure every order is fulfilled correctly. We are truly sorry for any inconvenience caused to our customers."

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