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Asda credit card customers told to redeem cashback by 12 September – or they'll lose it

Customers of the Asda Cashback credit card have been warned that they have until Saturday 12 September to create any cashback vouchers they still have in their accounts.

The card was one of our top-pick cashback credit cards, as until this summer customers earned 1% 'cashback' (ie, vouchers that could be spent at Asda or on shopping at Asda, including online and on fuel, and 0.2% back everywhere else.

But since 13 July 2020, customers have been unable to collect cashback when using the cards, as Asda's cards are no longer being issued by its former issuer Creation.

And now Asda says customers with cashback remaining on their cards will need to create a voucher by 11.59pm on Saturday 12 September and will then have 28 days to redeem it.

It says that any cashback not redeemed will be lost and that about 98,000 cardholders still have cashback to redeem.

See Credit Card Rewards for information about earning cashback and more.

I'm an Asda Cashback credit card customer – how do I create a voucher?

To create a voucher for any cashback you've earned, you need to first log in to your account.

You then need to click the 'Asda vouchers' tab on the navigation menu, and choose to create a voucher.

You can then use the voucher in Asda stores or online at Vouchers must be used in full for a purchase which is more expensive or the same value as the voucher.

Where can I spend the vouchers?

To spend your cashback voucher in an Asda store, you need to scan the barcode at the till.

You can scan the voucher directly from your phone, or print off a copy if you prefer.

Vouchers cannot be redeemed against the following items and categories in-store – kiosk (including tobacco, newspapers and magazines), fuel, lottery, gift cards, mobile phone top-up cards, infant formula, optical and prescriptions.

To spend the voucher online at George, you need to copy the voucher code and click on 'Apply Voucher' to enter it on the payment page.

Will I be able to keep using my current card?

Asda says that if you've kept your Creation account open, your card will still work, but it won't have any of the additional cashback features.

It says if you have any issues, you need to contact Creation itself. You can ring it on 0371 704 3369.

Will there be a new credit card?

Asda says it's working on a new card and that one will be available by the end of this year.

It says that all information about the new card will be published on its website, and that customers can register their interest to be kept up to date.

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