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Amazon slashes credit card rewards bonuses

Amazon has cut the points its Platinum Mastercard offers for non-Amazon purchases - you'll now get just 0.5 points for every £2 you spend at other retailers, which is half as many as before

2 May 2019

Appeal court revives £14 billion Mastercard class action

A lawsuit against Mastercard - which aims to see 46 million consumers each receive £100s in compensation - has been revived after a court granted permission to appeal a decision to dismiss the case

16 April 2019

Got a prepaid Mastercard? You won't be offered rip-off currency conversions from this week

We've long warned travellers to pay in the local currency rather than pounds to avoid hideous exchange rates - and from Friday, if you've a Mastercard prepaid card you won't be offered transactions in pounds at all

8 April 2019

Saga gives Platinum cardholders last-minute lifeline on outstanding balances

Over-50s financial provider Saga is to throw a last-minute lifeline to Platinum credit cardholders who've yet to settle outstanding balances ahead of the card's closure next week, can reveal - after leaving customers in limbo for two months

20 March 2019

Contactless card security flaw largely fixed, in win for MSE's two-year campaign

The financial regulator has said that "almost all" contactless transactions from the two biggest card schemes are now processed 'online' in order to combat a security flaw which meant crooks could use cards months after they'd been cancelled

29 January 2019

Guest comment: How the financial regulator's tackled contactless card fraud

The FCA’s Christopher Woolard gives an update on the regulator’s work to protect consumers from contactless card fraud - and what you can do if you think you’ve been targeted

29 January 2019

Saga to axe Platinum travel credit card

Over-50s financial provider Saga has announced it's closing its Platinum credit card in March, and customers have been told any outstanding balance will be "due and owing in full at that point". If you can't pay it off by then, your debt may be transferred but your interest rate could rise - here's what we know so far

16 January 2019

Competition watchdog to investigate Quidco and Topcashback merger

The UK's two biggest cashback sites are set to be owned by the same group in a proposed deal which is being investigated by the competition watchdog

12 November 2018

Firms STILL threatening to charge card fees nine months after ban

You should no longer be charged a fee for opting to pay by credit or debit card after a law change in January - but consumers are still being told they will be

2 November 2018

Contactless payments now 'more popular' than chip and PIN

Contactless payments are now more popular than chip and PIN card payments when people pay in UK stores

16 October 2018

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