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MBNA credit card customers wrongly chased for 'overdue' bills after agreeing payment holidays

MBNA credit card customers who agreed a payment holiday because they are struggling due to coronavirus have been mistakenly sent text messages chasing 'overdue' payment. If you're received one of these texts you can safely ignore it – so long as you're sure your payment holiday has been confirmed

23 April 2020

Regulator warns lenders against suspending credit cards for all those in persistent debt

The financial regulator has written to credit card firms telling them to review how they treat customers in 'persistent debt'

3 February 2020

Gambling on credit cards to be banned from April

Gambling businesses will be banned from allowing consumers in England, Scotland and Wales to use credit cards to gamble from April

14 January 2020

Warning. Tandem to end fee-free cashback credit card in March – should you pay £6/month to keep it?

Challenger bank Tandem has announced it is to start charging for its popular cashback credit card, with existing customers unable to use their cards from 9 March unless they pay a £5.99/mth membership fee

8 January 2020

Curve 'all-in-one' debit card to charge 1.5% fee for HMRC payments

Curve is to close a loophole which essentially allowed customers to make payments to HMRC using a personal credit card

26 November 2019

Lloyds Trustcard customers only have weeks to spend their points ahead of reward shake-up

Lloyds is revamping its legacy Trustcard credit card reward scheme, meaning customers will earn cashback rather than points – but some will have just weeks to redeem hundreds of pounds of points to avoid losing them

31 October 2019

NatWest and RBS to cancel 1,000s of PPI policies – check if you need yours

NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland and Ulster Bank will cancel thousands of customers' PPI policies from 11.59pm on 29 December – if you need a policy, you'll have to find another provider.

10 October 2019

Almost 80% of retail sales paid for by card

Shoppers paid for almost £300 billion of purchases on their credit and debit cards last year, according to data from the British Retail Consortium, while just £78 billion of purchases were paid for in cash

19 September 2019

Barclaycard cans free overseas spending on top-pick Platinum Cashback Plus card

Customers who apply for the Barclaycard Platinum Cashback Plus card from today will pay a fee every time they buy something or withdraw cash overseas – but if you've already got the card you'll continue to be able to use it for free abroad

27 June 2019

Barclaycard customers sent credit cards which don't work

Barclaycard customers have been left in the lurch after the firm sent out a malfunctioning batch of credit cards, can reveal

30 May 2019

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