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Barclaycard's cutting minimum repayments – you could be in debt YEARS longer paying DOUBLE the interest

If you've got debt on a Barclaycard, it's likely the minimum you have to repay each month will be cut from 22 July, as the bank is changing how repayments are set for millions of customers.

15 July 2024

Amazon Classic or Platinum holder? Your credit card will stop working sooner than expected - here's what's happening

Amazon has brought forward the date from which its Classic and Platinum Mastercards will stop working. Users had previously been told they had until January 2023 to continue using the cards before they were axed. But for some, this deadline has been moved to October, and for others to November.

6 September 2022

Asda shoppers can earn cashback with new rewards card – here’s how it stacks up

Asda has teamed up with Jaja Finance to launch the Asda Money Credit Card, which offers cashback on purchases at Asda and elsewhere. The cashback can only spent at Asda though. Below we explain the pros and cons and compare the new deal to other rewards options - where it's largely beaten.

15 August 2022

NatWest offers fee-free overseas spending until September - but there are better deals out there

NatWest is scrapping fees for spending abroad on select credit and debit cards until 2 September. This is good news for existing NatWest customers, but if you’re willing to switch there are better offers out there for fee-free holiday spending.

7 July 2022

Barclaycard launches the market's longest 0% spending card in over two years - here's how it compares

Barclaycard has launched the longest 0% spending credit card we've seen since May 2020, giving some 25 months interest-free spending - though not all will get the headline rate. If you NEED to borrow, 0% spending cards are the cheapest way – here's how it compares.

6 July 2022

Travelling abroad? Santander offers 1% cashback on overseas spending – but watch out for exchange fees

New and existing Mastercard credit card customers at Santander are now able to earn 1% cashback on overseas spending but the option will still be overly expensive for many with most of the bank's cards charging a 2.95% exchange fee. Here's everything you need to know.

13 June 2022

Get tax credits or child benefit paid into a Post Office card account? Set up an alternative account now or your payments will stop

Around 6,600 people who get tax credits, child benefit or guardian's allowance paid into a Post Office card account need to take action urgently as HMRC will stop making payments into these accounts after 5 April.

28 March 2022

Warning: Online payments could be declined if your debit and credit card contact details aren't up to date as new fraud rules take force today

Card users are being urged to ensure their bank or lender has up-to-date contact details for them as providers begin to roll out new measures to verify transactions. If your card provider can't reach you to prove your transaction is legitimate, your payment could be declined. Here's what you need to know.

14 March 2022

Amazon Classic and Platinum credit cards will be scrapped from January 2023 – here’s what you need to know

From January 2023, customers will no longer be able to use the Amazon Classic and Platinum Mastercards after its issuer NewDay announced it is terminating its partnership with the retail giant. We explain what options you have below.

10 March 2022

Tesco Bank adds more customers to trial of new debit card that gives you extra Clubcard points - and budgeting help

Tesco Bank has quietly launched a prepaid debit card called 'Clubcard Pay', which it's currently trialling.

30 September 2021